Ebonee Cowrie Huggie


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Made with recycled and recyclable materials.

This piece is a part of our Divine Feminine Collection created in collaboration with Ebonee Davis. 
Limited edition, exclusively available at pamelalove.com

Ebonee's designs were inspired by the free flow of water. Cowrie shells were used as currency in West Africa for years and these symbols represent spiritual wealth and call forward their water guardian Mami Wata. A re-attachable cowrie shell with dreamy opal inlay* hangs on a hoop with sparkling white diamonds. Can be worn on the rook, helix, and lobe. Sold as a single.  Perfectly matches with the Ebonee Cowrie Necklace

A percentage of proceeds from this style will go to Daughter OrgEbonee Davis founded Daughter, sponsoring travel to West Africa for young members of the African diaspora with the aim of allowing participants to expand their narratives and explore their identities, while embracing the power and beauty of their countries and cultures.


As a brand, our affection for empowered successful women runs deep. Our latest collaboration features Pamela’s signature grasp of traditional forms while specifically celebrating the divine feminine, accentuating the natural beauty the female form holds. We partnered with three women who inspired us with their strength and beauty and who we believe had valuable perspectives that could contribute to the design and feel of these unique pieces - Ebonee Davis, Sara Sampaio, and Jasmine Tookes. Our muses reflect the large and diverse world we live in and bring their own unique cultural touch-points to the pieces they collaboratively designed with Pamela. A percentage of sales from this collection will be donated to organizations each of the collaborators feel close to and choose specifically for this project.

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  • Measurements: cowrie shell: 12x10mm, huggie outside diameter: 10.5mm, inside diameter: 7mm, post length: 4.5mm, clicker thickness: 0.95mm (19 gauge)
  • Closure: hinge mechanism, clicker closure
  • Read about piercing jewelry and closure systems.
  • Composition: 14k yellow gold, gilson opal, white diamonds

    *Given the complication of the inlay-work in this piece the Opal used for this style is lab grown Gilson Opal. 

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