Materials We Use:

In efforts to reduce our impact on the environment, all metal used in Pamela Love Jewelry is recycled. 

Our recycled gold comes only from gold that has previously been refined, across many sources including post-consumer products, existing jewelry, gold-bearing products, scrap and waste metals. The results we achieve from using recycled gold is identical to newly mined gold and is conflict free. 

Gemstones and Diamonds:

Our precious stones are ethically sourced and conflict free in compliance with United Nations Resolutions.

Social Awareness and Entrepreneurship:Afghan jewelers working on the Pamela Love Kyleigh Moon Phase Necklace

Producing fair trade jewelry that empowers marginalized artisans with an innovative approach is one of our pioneering values. Our brand has partnered with artisan entrepreneurs in Afghanistan in order to support them grow and improve their business. Our effort is to provide Pamela Love digital tools to bring the skills of local artisans to global markets, inspiring more young men and women to retain this precious element of Afghan heritage, while expanding their know-how and creations. Our first collaboration in partnership with Kyleigh Kuhn ( is the recreation of our signature Moon Phase Necklace.