Pamela Love Jewelry Eco-Friendly


Materials We Use

In efforts to reduce our impact on the environment, all metal used in our jewelry is recycled, coming only from materials that have previously been refined across many sources including post-consumer products, existing jewelry, gold-bearing products, scrap and waste metals. The quality of our pieces are not impacted by using recycled metals. In fact we love knowing that these metals have had a life long before they reached our hands. we hope they will have an even longer life once they reach yours.


Pamela Love Jewelry Gemstones


Gemstones and Diamonds

Our precious stones are ethically sourced and conflict free in compliance with United Nations Resolutions. All stones used in our one-of-a-kind pieces are up-cycled from antique and estate jewelry or from post consumer sources. 

Social Awareness and Entrepreneurship

Producing fair trade jewelry that empowers marginalized artisans with an innovative approach is one of our passions. Our brand has partnered with artisan entrepreneurs in Afghanistan through the organization Turquoise Mountain in order to support their growth as artisans and provide them access to the global market. Our first collaboration in partnership with Kyleigh Kuhn ( is the recreation of our signature Moon Phase Necklace with a traditional Afghan hand.  


Environmental Impact

We are proudly Climate Neutral Certified. As of 2023, our products will bear the Climate Neutral Certified label. This label represents the trusted, independent Standard for climate neutrality and empowers consumers to find brands that are leading on immediate climate action. Read more here