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At Pamela Love, we provide you with a safe and personalized piercing experience. Whether you are looking to create a custom ear stack or it's your first piercing, we are here for you. Our piercers are able to provide expertly curated guidance on placement and jewelry selection, helping you find the perfect spot and the perfect piece for your piercing. Safety is always our top priority. Our expert piercers use sanitized, single-use needles and give you detailed aftercare instructions. 

Piercings are complimentary with piercing jewelry purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

We pierce with needles only

3-6 months. also depending on where on the ear. Cartlidge, Rook, Helix, Conch may take up to a year depending on the person.

All in-store piercings in New York and Paris are complimentary with purchase from our piercing collection. Pierce-at-home appointments are $90 per piercing plus jewelry purchase.

14k gold

We mostly pierce ears. Nose and septum piercings are available based on piercer's assessment and approval

2-3 times per day

Get pierced during a private piercing appointment at your home with our in-house piercer. You will be able to view and pick from a selection of piercing jewelry from our collection during your appointment.

We can only pierce with piercing jewelry from our collection. Our piercer will bring a curated collection to the appointment. Please email us if there is any specific Pamela Love piercing jewelry you would like to see during your session.

If more than one person would like to get pierced during your appointment, please reach out to us at and we will do our best to accommodate. Note that each person will be charged $90 for their individual piercing.

Brooklyn +1 347 294 4994 145 North 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Paris +33 1 43 27 48 54 17 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris, France

Explore our Piercing Guide to learn more about terminology and care.