DIY measure your fingers at home by following these steps:

  1. Cut a strip of paper that will wrap around the circumference of your finger 
  2. Wrap the paper around your finger, make sure it's nice and comfortably tight and mark the spot where it meets
  3. Measure the distance with a ruler (in mm); this will be your finger's circumference

Size Chart

Finger Circumference (mm)
Ring Size (US)
Size 3
45-47mm Size 4
Size 5 
50-53mm Size 6
53-55mm Size 7
55-58mm Size 8
58-60mm Size 9
60-63mm Size 10
63-65mm Size 11
Size 12



*All of our piercings have a 19 gauge (0.95mm) which makes them suitable to be pierced with for various piercings. This gauge size also allows for comfortable wear all day long.

Threaded Studs:

Length of the back post (with a signature Pamela Love heart) will depend on the thickness of ear or body part where piercing will be worn. 

5.5mm back post will fit a healed thin helix, a forward helix, a thin tragus, anti-tragus, or an earlobe of average thickness.

6.5mm back post will safely fit a helix of average thickness, the tragus, the rook, conch or thicker earlobes and the nose. In certain cases, this length of post can also be used to be pierced with.  If you are planning on getting pierced with our jewelry, please consult your piercer to see if an 6.5mm post is the right length for your desired placement.

An 8mm back post will often be the size to get pierced with (due to swelling). This will depend on the part of the lobe that is pierced. 

*The post length does not include the heart backing. 

View our piercing terminology guide and closure systems here.

Clickers & Huggies:

A clicker is a hoop with a front facing stone or motif. 

A huggie is a hoop with a downward facing stone or motif. 

6mm Huggies and Clickers: The smallest hoop size. Most suitable for the tragus, helix, septum, daith, and the thin part of the lobe. 

8mm Huggies and Clickers: The medium hoop size. Suitable for most piercings from the lobe, to the helix and daith. 

11mm Clickers: The largest hoop size in the piercing collection. Perfect anywhere from the daith to the conch. 

*The sizing measurements correspond with the inner diameters of each ring.