October Astrology Guide

Our astrology guide is back. Explore your horoscope for October and discover the perfect talisman to help you navigate this month's shifts and impending mercury retrograde.
reated in collaboration with astrologist Kyle Thomas words by Gemma Lacey.

Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope
Prepare for an important month where you are assessing your innermost wants and needs, Aries. While this month will have a much slower speed with Mars and Mercury fast asleep, you can use this energy to review how far you have come in 2020 and what you wish 2021 to embody. October sparkles with opportunities for you to indulge in self-care and self-love, so consider ways to create a better and healthier beauty routine.

Pamela Love Gold Gravitation EarringsYour Talisman: Our Gravitation Earrings will keep you grounded and the cabochon opals will remind you of sparkling things to come this month. Available in recycled sterling silver and 10k yellow gold.

Pamela Love Astrology Guide
You have been especially tired in recent months and begging the Universe for a vacation, Taurus. However, your hard work ethic has been pushing you still—and October may be the month where you finally get a handle on a better work-life balance. Arrows of love will also rain down upon you most of this month, so find ways to grow close with your significant other or light the spark of passion for someone new.
Pamela Love Five Spike Earrings

Your Talisman: These Five Spike Earrings are a subtle reminder of the arrows of love headed your way this month.

Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope


Passion is on your mind in October, Gemini. With the Sun lighting up your sector of love and creativity, you will feel like your heart has caught on fire! This is a gorgeous month for you to bring the spice back into an existing relationship—or go after someone new. With two powerful planets retrograde at this time, don’t be shocked if you hear from old friends—or even old lovers—now. No matter how you choose to move forward: be slow and don’t make any final decisions until later in the year.

Pamela Love Jewelry Hilma Earrings
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Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope 
The planets are encouraging you to be cozy and domestic, Cancer—which you will snuggle right into like your favorite warm sweater! Fix up your living space to feel like a sanctuary, and with the holidays just around the corner, you could even begin planning some special events to look toward. While your career has also been on your mind for months and you could see some progress now, take a moment to unplug and be grateful for the life you have built.
Pamela Love Dome Ring
Your Talisman: This Dome Ring is the perfect piece to remind you to relax and go with the flow with its smooth surface and domed design.

Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope
Your curiosity about the world is growing, Leo, and you want to learn more. This is, of course, tied to your desire to express yourself ever more clearly. This month will help you to find the right kinds of books, videos, and guidance that you seek as long as you are looking. With Mercury and Mars fast asleep, though, this could even call you to return to interests and philosophies you explored long ago.
Pamela Love Serpent Clicker
Your Talisman: The Serpent Clicker serves as a reminder of the knowledge you seek this month.

 Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope
With Venus, the goddess of beauty, spinning within your zodiac sign throughout much of October, you are wearing the crown, Virgo. This will be a magical month for you to indulge in more pleasure whenever you can. Update your wardrobe, try out a new hairstyle, and transform yourself into royalty. This special radiance will allow you to attract the eyes and desire of everyone you meet.
Pamela Love Jewelry Vessel Pendant
Your Talisman: The Vessel Pendant helps you remember all the magic in your life this month and reminds you of the many blessings you’re about to enjoy.
Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope
With the Sun blazing within your zodiac sign throughout most of October, it is birthday season! During this time of the year, you can more easily make progress toward your most important goals. Take charge to create the life you’ve always wanted. When the New Moon arrives on the 16th , prepare for a door to open to chase at least one of your most heartfelt hopes and dreams.
Pamela Love Opal Essential Ring
Your Talisman: It’s your birthday month so it’s only fitting you wear your birthstone, this Essential Opal Ring is the perfect piece to let you know that it’s time to focus on your dreams.

Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope
The cosmos above are telling you to surrender control at this time, Scorpio—something that is a bit challenging for you to do. However, as the Universe has so much love for you, know that you are actually being redirected to better seas. With Mercury Retrograde taking place within your zodiac sign for most of the month, you may feel a bit confused about what you think and feel. Focus on trusting your intuition.
Pamela Love Jewelry Alexander Signet Ring
Your Talisman: Lapis Lazuli is renowned for its ability to help you channel your intuition, making the Alexander Signer Ring with a lapis inlay the perfect choice for Scorpios this month.

Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope
Life will be especially festive and fun in October, Sagittarius, with planets highlighting both love and friendship for you! Now will be a wonderful moment to pursue matters of the heart. While you could reconnect with people from the past, you appear to also be quite focused on knowing where your current relationships are headed. Listen to your dreams. The Universe will surely bring messages your way.
Pamela Love Jewelry Hilma CollarYour Talisman: The Hilma Collar is a perfect mix of brightly colored stones making it the ideal accessory for this month's festive spirit.

Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope
Success is closer than ever before, Capricorn, as October brings you opportunities to reach greater heights. However, the key to growth will be tied to exploring routes you haven’t before as well as reviewing the progress you’ve made to get here now. Some hurdles could appear this month, but with your perseverance and strength, nothing will stop you from finding the best path forward.
Pamela Love Anemone Bracelet
Your Talisman: These flowers are known as a symbol of anticipation so this Anemone Bracelet is the ideal reminder of all the wonderful things due to come your way if you persevere this month. Available in sterling silver and 14k gold plate.
Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope
No longer should you stay in your comfort zone, Aquarius. It is time to set sail into new horizons and explore more of what makes you beautiful and unique. You are always ready for an adventure, so whether you are choosing to venture off and travel somewhere new and exotic, or else take a journey within your soul: you will find the answers and solace that you seek.
Pamela Love Aegean Pendant
Your Talisman:  Whatever your journey this month, this Aegean Pendant is the ideal water sign protector for any adventures you may embark upon.

Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope
Prepare for all of your relationships to be harmonious in October, Pisces, as Venus
dances across the sky from you. The entire world will find you radiant and charming, so be sure to dust off your favorite outfit and wow them all. Existing intimate relations can grow this month, while new ones may build chemistry but should remain casual. With the planets out of swing, your head isn’t entirely clear so focus more on having fun now before deciding if they’re the one.
Pamela Love Pendulum Earrings
Your Talisman: These Pendulum Earrings are the perfect Piscean accessory, the lapis and pearl inlay remind you of your depth and radiance and the pendulum reminds you to seek balance too.

Kyle Thomas is a globally recognized pop culture astrologer, see more of his work on his website where you can book a personal reading for a more in depth forecast too.

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