Opal Dreams

Discover a world of magic in October’s birthstone. Opals have a unique and enigmatic beauty that has given birth to many amazing beliefs and superstitions. We love the mythical nature and magic of this stone and it’s a hallmark of many signature Pamela Love pieces.
Historically people believed the stone had magical powers that could cure eye ailments and had the power to render the wearer invisible. Because of this it was named “Patronus Furum,” Latin for "patron of thieves." Others believe the stone aids astral projection. Either way, the hidden rainbows and iridescent nature of the stone make it a beguiling choice.
Pamela Love One of a Kind Opal Ring
The opals from our fine collection are sourced from Australia and are hand selected for their unique and intriguing qualities. A signature piece is our Opal Ring that features a lightning ridge black opal set in velvety 18k yellow gold. Black Opals are uniquely known as conduits for magicians to harness their power for good or evil, which is thought to be where some of the superstition about opal's luck, good or bad, is derived from.
The idea that opals are unlucky is a superstitious belief. At points in history, they were considered the stone of choice for kings, second only to emeralds. This is due to their unique fire created by tiny beads of silica which occur within the stone. For the iridescence to occur the beads must be of a uniform size and shape and this is a rare occurrence making these stones particularly special due to the nature of fate in their formation.
In many cultures the stones are believed to be sent from heaven and opals are often a popular choice for engagement rings in place of diamonds as they are believed to symbolize the unique and rare nature of love. It’s also a beautiful way to add some everyday magic to your jewelry collection as with our Essential Ring which features an opal at it’s centered with two diamonds inlaid on the band.
Pamela Love Jewelry Piercing

The special beauty of the opal makes it an ideal choice for jewelry lovers and our piercing collection celebrates the magic of the stone in a variety of symbolic designs. The collection comprises some delicate celestial inspired motifs, including stars, crescent moon earrings with diamond stars, tiny opal fish studs with diamond detailing and inlaid opal huggies which gently hug your ear. Each style is subtle and decorative to bring a delicate sense of otherworldly magic to your jewelry collection and bring you luck in your day.

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words by Gemma Lacey

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