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Stephanie LaCava



Hail from?

America, though grew up outside of Paris.

How did you find writing?

It kind of found me, at least as a job. I read as much as I could find when I was young, though I never thought it was possible to pursue writing or a study of literature. Reading and writing were encouraged in my household, but not as practical professions. I studied foreign policy in school. It took me a little while to figure out that I was best suited to the solitary work of writing. 

Tell us about your memoir.

It’s kind of a trickster memoir, a lot of things hidden in there that aren’t explicitly personal narrative. And it is illustrated! By Pam’s husband, who is an amazing talent. I wanted there to be a visual element to explore the play of aesthetics and memory in creating stories. Perhaps it’s because I lack classical training that I was interested—and remain so in new work— with fooling around with things on and off the page. 

Favorite things about growing up in France?

The weird, creepy garden house in my backyard; the gummy candies at the tiny grocer up the street; and having to be a strange tiny team with just my nuclear family. 

Something you wish you knew then that you know now?

I wish I believed things I knew then now. 

Favorite piece of jewelry?

My black bands, one on my ring finger and one for my middle finger. 

Gold or silver?


Diamonds or rubies?


What do you collect? Why?

Books mostly, especially rare artist books or editions. I like having them, other than that I don’t really know why. 

Favorite writer?

Right now reading John Berger

How has becoming a mom changed the way you write?

It hasn't changed the way I write, although I have been thinking lately about what kind of agency I have to talk about my boys. I do think about that and also the other questionable subject matter that I sometimes explore. 

The person you most wish you could spend an evening with?

My father, he lives too far right now.

How do you find peace?

I don’t have an answer.

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