Love Stories - Prisca Vera Franchetti

Who is PRISCAVera?

PRISCAVera is a womenswear brand that I launched I 2015. 

Where do you come from?


Does identity play a big role in the essence of your namesake brand?

It really does. I learned from Italy to value craftsmanship, quality, tradition and the simplicity of elegance, to live by the day and to have a sense of humor. In New York, I learned to value innovation, to explore hidden instincts, push myself, to never lose a sense of doubt and to be disciplined and focused.

Where do you pull inspiration from?

Traveling. New places, or feelings and memories from when I go back home. But most of the time from the most unexpected places, like for this collection, from San Pellegrino soda cans.

You reside and create in Lower Manhattan, do you enjoy the accessibility you have to fashion and culture as soon as you step out your door? 

Yes. New York is the most confusing city I have ever lived in. The constant stimulation brings out the best and worst in me, but I love that contrast.

Who are your favorite designers?

Giorgetto Giugaro, the designer behind the first Fiat Panda car.

How do you wear jewelry?

I put it on my neck or fingers. Sometimes on my wrists or ankles. I love very fine jewelry.

Is there a time and place or is it all the time? 

There is a time and place for everything.

Silver or gold? 


Do you keep heirlooms?

Yes! My favorite piece of jewelry is a beautiful ring my grandmother gave me for my 18th birthday. Her grandmother gave it to her. When I wear it it’s like time traveling.

What’s next for PRISCAVera? Is experimentation a part of your ethos, or have you concreted you vision?

I poured concrete on it last year.

What is your design process like? Is it innate, or does it involve research?

Inevitably both.

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