Pamela Love Astrology - June

On the 6th, both Venus and Mercury are returning to their home signs bringing with them a healthy dose of solidity and security. The head and the heart are reconnecting, and some of the balance we've all been missing will be renewed. 
Aries (March 21 to April 19)
Your ruling planet of Mars is doing a lot this month which means you can look forward to receiving support from the universe in the realms of movement and initiation. As you speed up, stay conscious of how this boost affects those around you and make sure to observe the terrain for possible roadblocks. You may run into some insecurity and emotional expectation from others while you feel you're just doing "your thing." The last few months have offered lessons in communication, and hopefully, you'll find yourself well equipped to work out any issues that come up now. The 28th will be a particularly primed day to shine if you have been doing your homework - if you haven't, watch out for conflict.
 While a multitude of issues or insecurities may arise within the month, Aries can turn around their mood any time of day with the very therapeutic Earth Tu Face Salt Scrub. Adding a scoop to your bath or massaging into your hands throughout the day will give a quick boost and improve your mood.



Taurus (April 20 to May 20 )
This month is very symbolic for you, ambitious Taurus. As your dreams and expectations soar, the world has other things in mind. It may be helpful to think of your current mindset as a metaphorical reentering of your summer home after months away. You're excited about the vacation, but upon arrival, you find the location not quite up to snuff. Realizing there is plenty of work to be done before you can play, you'll have to slow down, put in the effort, and get things in order so that you can relax fully. The third week of the month you might be having trouble sharing, check yourself and be generous with the spoils of your labor - the more, the merrier.  
 Keeping in mind that work comes before play, Monk Oil will help keep Taurus grounded, focused, and energized to put in the extra effort needed. 



Gemini (May 21 to June 21)
Happy Birthday, Gemini, this your solar return and an important moment to mark the passing of your personal New Year. Take stock of the past and set your intentions for the future. The social side of you is particularly active this month along with your proclivity for gossip. This tendency to poke and stir is not necessarily negative and can give others a chance to unburden themselves while you lend an ear. You'll find yourself in the position to hear many versions of the truth but be careful in taking sides. By the end of the month, you may be changing your opinions, and if you've picked a side you'll be kicking yourself - to save face, work hard to remain neutral.  
 While acknowledging the past and preparing for the future, Sans [Ceuticals] Goji Body + Face Cleansing Oil is an invigorating cleanser that helps do so in every aspect: use it to aid cleansing from the old and starting fresh. 



Cancer (June 22 to July 22)
This month, you're probably still feeling pretty half baked and not quite sure when you'll be ready to come out of the oven. There is still a lot of mystery to your process, and that's okay. Patience is one of your strong suits so really tap into it this month as a way to support yourself. On the 28th, Mars and Mercury are going to be conjunct in Cancer which can lead to racing thoughts and anxiety. The topic of pressure may be trending for you. Try to tune into the quieter frequencies that come from a more subtle knowing of yourself,  connect to your intuition and a trust in your process. You are in the midst of a figurative birth, and as uncomfortable as it may be, there is an end in sight - those labor pains will be fruitful. 
 Racing thoughts or anxiety may arise as a result of Mars' and Mercury's conjunction. Cancers can combat these negative thoughts with Steep Tea Co. Chronic Wellness Tea. The calming tea contains Skullcap: a natural anti-anxiety and stress reliever.



Leo (July 23 to Aug. 22)
Already sensitive to other people's opinions and evaluations,  you're going to be getting a lot of mixed messages this month in the form of both praise and criticism. Your job is to avoid getting lost in looking for hidden meaning and focus on noticing how you respond, don't get thrown off center by trying to people-please. Around the 18th, it will be helpful for you to have some positive affirmations in place and surround yourself with people you trust. The goal is to facilitate personal growth by making sure you feel grounded enough to process the constructive input you are receiving and benefit from it. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down - be your own sugar. 
 Leos' goal this month should include facilitating personal growth and using input from others to help do so. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Be your own sugar using Anima Mundi Sugar Scrub, made with ingredients that provides a therapeutic way to maintain your health.



Virgo (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22)
As one of the most hardworking signs, you are often tempted to put a lot of your energy into managing group dynamics and this month is no exception. While you are more than capable, it isn't always in your best interest to expend so much energy. This moment offers lessons in learning to relax and let go.  Delegate now. Try, even in small areas, to notice where you can trust others to help you. You don't have to be in the driver's seat all the time, sit back, and you may learn something by having a chance to enjoy the view. 
 Virgo can find balance between working and learning to let others work for them with the cleansing and moisturizing Daughter of the Land Balancing Oil.



Libra (Sept. 23 to Oct. 23)
Get ready to self-soothe vivacious Libra because, this month, you may not be getting the attention you are accustomed to receiving. The shift in the limelight may throw you off on many levels but keep your eye on the prize and continue to find ways to serve the greater good. Working behind the scenes and releasing the need to be center stage will deepen your integrity and help you reconnect to the roots of your goals. Jupiter is pushing expansion on the 25th, and you are going to want to make time for self-care as a way to remain present and receptive to personal realizations. Give yourself the attention you are missing from others. 
Libra should focus more on self-love and taking care of themselves with the ever-soothing Earth Tu Face Exfoliant Powder Mask.



Scorpio (Oct. 24 to Nov. 20)
A lot of internal movement is happening for you this month, and that, mixed with your tendency to delve deep into dark murky waters, could be a recipe for emotional tumult and personal angst. Beware of getting lost in analysis and self-doubt. Notice the flux but steady yourself. You can be firm, and that will serve you if you harness that ability and relate it to your internal world. On the 24th, Venus will trine Pluto and create the potential for something beautiful to emerge out of emotional chaos. Find your anchored place and a gift will show up. 
 Scorpio can ward away feelings of negative emotional feelings or personal angst with Luxury Justbe Love Potion Herbal Tea. The blend of herbs and minerals will help soothe your anxiety and keep out any unwanted self-doubt. 



Sagittarius (Nov. 21 to Dec. 20)
Saturn is currently retrograde in Sagittarius, and you may be feeling like a bully is back for more. Remember all you have learned and accomplished - whatever emotional state you find yourself in now.  Loneliness may be creeping in after what felt like a reprieve, and with its reemergence, you are invited to reexamine the feeling as existential, something external factors cannot alleviate. Instead of believing that relationships will save you, allow relationships to inspire feelings of connectedness that support you in feeling whole. Develop and nurture your connection to yourself. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th will help reveal some of your emotional needs in a way that makes it easier to get them met.
 Sagittarius can help nurture and grow a self-connection by adding F. Miller Toning Mist to their daily routine, giving your skin some extra love with calming and purifying agents.



Capricorn (Dec. 23 to Jan. 20)
Expect a deceptively easy start to the month but keep your axles greased for some mid-June blockages in your ability to express yourself clearly.  Towards the 15th you may experience some discomfort when trying to make your feelings and opinions known to others. While it is certainly reasonable to be frustrated by misinterpretation, it's worth getting over the discomfort and opening yourself to new ways of expression. It will pay off to pause and observe how you can best meet others halfway. You don't have to have it all together - being unpracticed and vulnerable will help you connect. 
 While Capricorns may experience some discomfort or frustration mid-month, the natural light and smell of the Pamela Love Rise Porcelain Candle can lift spirits and ease the mind amidst any negative feelings.



Aquarius (Jan. 21 to Feb. 21)
Flora and Fauna are your friends this month, celestial Aquarius. The 3rd will be a good day for you to get into nature and prioritize a connection with the earth. Being outdoors will help you hit that internal reset button and start fresh with a new intention. If nature feels out of reach, do whatever is available to you involving plants and animals. Your bubbly persona is such a positive force in the world, but it takes a lot of energy to maintain. Create an undisturbed moment to get back to yourself, and it will give you the energy that you need to continue being your funny, profane and provocative self. The 18th - 20th will be when you feel the benefits. 
 Aquarius can get back in touch with nature with the all natural Earth Tu Face Vanilla Peppermint Lip Balm. Its fresh scent uplifts the mood and it's antimicrobial properties help revive dull skin. (And what's more natural than a sea-shell case?)



Pisces (Feb. 22 to March 20)
To put it simply, this could be a rough month. You may feel like you are swimming upstream and getting somewhat battered by the turbulent waters of your own thought process. On the 16th, your ruling planet of Neptune will be starting retrograde in Pisces amping up a not-so-unfamiliar feeling of being disorientated. Seek counsel with friends, lovers, or even a therapist. Do a Tarot spread. Now is the time to ask for guidance from those you can trust.  All avenues to reconnect to a sense of greater knowing will benefit you at this time. By the end of the month, you may be primed for an emotional release that will help alleviate the weight you've been carrying.
 Neptune begins retrograde in Pisces on the 16th of June, which may lead to a disorientated feeling. Pisces can invigorate the senses with Earth Tu Face Botanical Perfume filled with essential oils and the perfect sea shell case for this water sign.



Words by Olivia La Roche.
Astrological reading by Alex Marterre.

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