Pamela Love Rituals: Candace Marie Stewart


Born in Oklahoma and raised in Arkansas, Candace Marie Stewart decided to make the leap to NYC six years ago and pursue a career in fashion. While she has worked for some phenomenal companies (the list includes Vogue, Barneys, Peopleand Essence), she is most proud of her eclectic online magazine Read on to check out Candace's beauty and self-care routines as well as her top picks from the Pamela Love Apothecary!





"I started Marie Mag as a medium to inspire and encourage women to pursue their dreams wholeheartedly. I try to be as transparent as possible when I write. I want other women to know that at times life will be hard but we are a strong force that can overcome anything. Essentially, our struggle is our strength." 





"My beauty routine has become more worldly and intuitive with moving from Arkansas to New York. Here, I’m able to access a wider pool of products and remedies. Also, with the progression of media, I’m able to learn swiftly about beauty ideas that will make a difference in elevating my everyday skincare practice." 





'I take care of myself first through peace and quiet. My place is a haven for me when I just need to be still. The city can be overwhelmingly noisy and busy so blocking out that outside noise is essential on a daily basis. I also nurture myself through prayer, meditation and thinking positive thoughts and by surrounding myself with people who uplift me."





"My first beauty memory includes plucking my eyebrows until they were extremely skinny and then penciling them in. I also remember using a Queen Latifa drugstore foundation because I wasn’t able to find any other brand that matched my skin complexion."





"Self-care is crucial because I can’t pour from an empty cup. I know that my life is a vessel to give back to people and to make a positive impact on women. If I don’t take care of myself, I will not be able to accomplish that."





"When I wake up, I turn on my radio and blast something that will uplift me for the day. Right now I’ve been listening to a healthy dose of Solange, Sza, & Kelela. It’s something therapeutic yet empowering about their music and their vibes as black female artists." 





"My morning routine consists of a La Roche-Posay gel cleanser that I wash with for 30 seconds. After, I rub tea tree oil in which is helpful in killing acne-causing bacteria. After a quick cleanse, I use Brown Butter Beauty Rose & Elemi body oil as an all over moisturizer. For an extra perk, I’ll utilize Starskin’s 7-second morning mask for an added glow." 





"Coffee is such a ritual in my everyday life. Going mid-day for a caffeine pick-me-up is essential because it forces me to step away from my computer and walk around the city while I rejuvenate." 





"In the evening,  I use tea-tree oil again but this time to remove makeup. I moisturize my lips with an herbal balm, and then I soak in my pedestal tub. This is my “me time” that I make sure to have every day." 





"Right before bed, I light my LeLabo candle, turn my TV on with no volume and listen to 06’ Amy Winehouse on my speakers." 





Top three favorite products from the Pamela Love Apothecary 


"I love that this product is entirely organic but has an impactful punch to moisturize and hydrate."


"I’m a sucker for a good lip-balm. I consistently moisturize my lips, and this balm is a hidden gem."


"I always light a candle at night, and this one is perfect for saturating my place with the fresh scent of fig, green mango, grass, lotus, magnolia, jasmine, and sycamore."




Interview by Olivia La Roche. 

Photography by Stephanie Geddes.

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