Love Stories - Paloma Wool

Hail from?

I was born in San Sebastián, but I have always lived in Barcelona. 

What is Paloma wool?

Paloma wool is a Project on art, photography, clothing and many other experiments. I wish for it to be a multidisciplinary Project, a platform where different artists can collaborate and engage in the making of each Collection. My main philosophies are that our production remain local, that our collections are untied to the seasons of the fashion industry creating timeless pieces that we gradually present through our website.

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What does it mean to be a young woman artist designer from Spain? Is there space for this title?

I like that title, I can relate to it.

Young: fearless and energetic. Woman: looking forward to changing things with all the sensitivity that fits within me. Art : The spectrum through which I understand things. Design: The knowledge I have gathered from my families experience and love. 

I feel free combining art and clothing, it extends the grounds on which to experiment on. Photography and fashion are the instruments that allow me to express myself best.

You draw inspiration from your community? Do you believe you will forever find inspiration in this central theme.

A lot is happening at the moment in Barcelona, there are a lot of young people who have lost the fear to develop very interesting projects. There has been an important crisis here that has pushed us to rethink what's important in life.

Fact is, I'm surrounded by a very creative environment. My friends are incredibly talented, that nourishes my perspective.

Also, the sense of 'community' has been grown so much thanks to social media, that I feel very connected to people and ideas all over the world.

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All the amazing women that make Paloma Wool/ would you say the brand explores forms of feminism through different mediums?

We are all women in Paloma Wool, not because we do not want to work with men of course but because that's simply the way it turned out and because we understand eachother - we are not only colleagues, but friends. 

The female figure (in all its forms) is an essential support in Paloma Wool, she is reflected through materials, prints, colors and the way we do, express and present things.

How do women wear jewelry in Barcelona? 

I think jewelry here is very personal. It says a lot about you.

Favorite food?

Churros dipped in chocolate. 

Gold or silver?


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How do you incorporate jewelry into your life?

I don't wear jewelry from my day to day, I like to wear jewelry for special occasions. I also like to wear something with sentimental value, something that reminds me of someone I love or that represents something that has happened in my life.

Favorite accessory?

Earrings. Instead of changing my clothes I like to put on a pair of special earrings to step up my look a bit.

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Do you have a muse?

I don't think so. I don't think of anyone particular when I design my clothes. I think about what I would like to wear or what my friends would look great in.

Life motto?

Do things you enjoy and believe in.

Photography by Camila Falquez
Interview by Cassi Gibson

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