Love Stories - Christie Chu


Arts and culture writer, designer.

Where do you reside?


What’s it like living and creating in the city you come from?

You grow up fast when you grow up in New York. I left to study abroad for high school and university. It was refreshing to come back after 7 years away because you experience the city in a different way and you appreciate it more. There is so much going on all the time, old and new friends pass through. The energy is unlike any other city. New York has long been a place of artists and it’s exciting to be a part of that cultural aspect of the city.

Are there always inspirations?

Yes, definitely.

If so does that correlate to a nostalgia?

Sometimes. Familiarity is something we can connect with. But in terms of design, looking towards the future while considering the past is what I’m interested in. It’s the antagonistic nature of things that draw me in.

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Do you feel like jewelry can be nostalgic?

Yes, jewelry can be nostalgic. It is historically the oldest form of adornment.

What I find fascinating about jewelry is that it can be handed down from generation to generation. I see so many compelling pieces of jewelry on my friends that were given to them by their mother or grandmother. I myself treasure those few pieces handed down from the women in my family. There can be an immediate and intimate connection between the wearer and the piece of jewelry.

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Who are your favorites when it comes to designers of the craft?

Georg Jensen has a heritage and quality that can’t be matched.

Is there a time and place for jewelry? Or what’s your motto on wearing jewelry?

I wear a thin gold necklace and my Georg Jensen Torun bracelet everyday. There are no rules or regulations. 

Currently listening to?

I’m always in the mood for some 80’s synth pop. Right now I’m revisiting Heaven 17’s album The Luxury Gap.

You are currently assisting PL-Any new concepts?

It’s exciting to observe the creative process. They have such a strong vision, I feel lucky to be able to witness and play a part in how things come into fruition. We are beginning to plan for the S/S 17 collection. It’s shaping into a lot of negative space and organic shapes, natch.

Necklace or bracelet?


Silver or Gold?

Both. The best scenario is when they are combined.

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Favorite PL collection?

Aspirational answer would be her fine jewelry. But I love her new silver and tiger’s eye collection.

Style muses?

Rihanna and Audrey Hepburn. They both embody the times they live and lived in, respectively.

Favorite fashion designers?

Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake, Miuccia Prada, Dries Van Noten, Phoebe Philo. They all possess an enduring vision.

Photography by Jason Ross Savage
Interview by Cassi Gibson

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