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Made with recycled and recyclable materials.

A very special ring designed by Pamela using hand selected Botswana diamonds by the De Beers Group. We have created only 10 of these beauties, each with a unique ethically sourced diamond, complete with a laser engraved serial number inside for traceability, set in a braided velvety 18k yellow gold band. Each band has been hand engraved 1 through 10 and signed by Pamela. 

The diamond is sourced, mined, cut, and polished in Botswana, the world’s largest provider of ethical and conflict-free diamonds, resulting in a direct positive contribution to local communities. The braided band was created to represent love of all kinds, the weaving together of souls and multiple lives intertwining to become one. 

Integral to this collaboration was the understanding that this ring would benefit the people of Botswana, who played a fundamental part in its creation. 

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 *As each diamond is unique please contact us for further information regarding the ring specifications, sizing and diamond certification requests. 



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