Pamela Love for Muzo

"I often say that I feel like a painter and stones are my paint. I feel so lucky to have the most vivid, rich, deep green paints on the planet to play with." - Pamela Love


We are deeply honored to be working with the historic and storied Muzo Emerald Colombia. Born from a mine that dates back to pre-colonial times in western Boyacá, Colombia, Muzo emeralds are known throughout the world for their unparalleled color and vibrancy. The emeralds from this region have entranced people throughout the ages and across the globe; from ancient civilizations to the royal courts of Europe and Asian, these emeralds have long made their mark. 



While the history of Muzo emeralds may be ancient (dating back to 400 B.C.), their current practices are strictly state of the art. The mines equipped with the most modern mining equipment to facilitate geological research and the best possible emerald extraction conditions. All mines have top lighting, ventilation, safety systems and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the visual, digital and physicochemical traceability of each emerald. In an unbroken chain of custody, the mined raw emeralds are transferred to their Bogotá workshop where Colombian emerald cutting craftsmen closely evaluate the stones, precisely locating the placement of color in order to determine the optimal cut. Their "Mine to Maison" philosophy ensures the emeralds are fully traceable and are handled with the utmost care and reverence along the way. 



But Muzo's sense of reverence isn't limited to the stones they pull from the earth, it extends to the earth itself and the people in the communities they work with. Through erosion control measures, reforestation, and hydroseeding programs, Muzo has shown their dedication to protecting the land surrounding the mine. Likewise, they have dedicated their resources to the economic and social development and support of the West Boyacá region they call home. The non-profit arm of the Muzo group, the Muzo Foundation is aligned with the Universal Agreement for Sustainable Development and focuses on education, food security, and access to medical services for the larger community.  



We are proud to be working with a company that shares our two most treasured missions. First, to create beautiful jewelry, and second, to do so in a manner that honors both those who help us in its creation and the earth that provides us with the natural materials we are so honored to create with.