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Embark on the New Year and celebrate the commencement to endless possibilities and endeavors. As the clock strikes midnight and we enter into the year of 2020, reflect on the advancements and goals that you conquered over the past 12 months, and acknowledge the ambition you have devoted to your missions that you have set forth to achieve. Take a moment to appreciate those present in your life, people who flourish you with optimism, love, and support. This coming season is the moment to show your gratitude to your family and friends with tokens of appreciation. Thank them for their everlasting support with jewelry that will be cherished and noted as a symbol of acknowledgment. 

For the Free-Spirit
Pamela Love Aegean Pendant Gift Guide
The girl who worships the four elements; earth, wind, fire, and water. She believes in expressing herself through flower power, good karma, and the expression of art through clothing and jewelry. She empowers her inner soul through meditation, yoga, and self-care, from bath bombs to body scrubs. Her motto is to live life to the fullest and partake in the unconventional life.
To accompany the flower child, allow her to reconnect with nature with our Aegean Pendant. This finely detailed sculptured fish pendant is a way for her to be one with one of the four elements, water, which symbolizes tranquility, anguish, and relaxation. This pendant is symbolic of Mediterranean cultures, to signifying primal waters of conception. Gift her with this piece to accentuate her bohemian style and thanking her for granting you with good juju.


For the Explorer
Beaded Scarab Bracelet Pink Opal
The girl who has this sense of restlessness, to see what is waiting for her outside of her bedroom window. Her quest is to discover what the world has to offer, from stories, culture, cuisine, and scenery she craves to be introduced to. She acquires a heart of cravings, to find meaning to life and venturing out into the world to find it.
Before she sets sail once again, gift her good fortune through strings of dreamy pink opals with tastefully hand-carved amulets. Our Beaded Scarab Bracelet and Journey Necklace are the perfect companions for your fellow explorer to venture out, to find her own new beginnings. Beaded Scarab Bracelet with peachy and pink opal beads was created through inspiration from ancient Egyptian culture, to comply with her sense of audacious quality. Pair this piece with Journey Necklace with matching opal beads, accompanied by two baroque pearls and hand-carved brass charms; a scarab, a pomegranate, and a fish. Gift her these unique pieces to wear for her next phase of life.

For the Effortlessly Stylish
Pamela Love Scarab Studs Large
That person who is not afraid to show off her true style or can throw a sweatshirt yet still manage to look great. She takes risks when she wants and steps out of the box with her fashion sense, even if she is heading out to the grocery store. 
 This season, add a little spunk to her style with Large Scarab Stud Earrings. These decadent sterling silver earrings with sublime outlines and simplistic design that is both mesmerizing and modern would be incomparable to any other piece of jewelry she owns. 

For the Positive Spirit
Pamela Love Gift Guide - Hera Pendant
Pomegranates have been used as a symbol of prosperity and fertility across many cultures throughout centuries. The mythology of ancient Greece regarded this fruit as the symbol of life, and rebirth in the abduction story of Persephone by Hades, the god of the underworld. In modern Turkey today, many families throw a pomegranate on the floor and “crack” it on the New Year’s Eve to have a plentiful new year. Show appreciation and gratefulness to the person who fills your life with optimism and positivity this year with our beloved Hera Necklace, a beautifully hand-carved pomegranate pendant gracefully dangling on a silver chain.

For all your BFFs
Pamela Love Gift Guide
The irreplaceable friends from since you can remember that you practically adopted into your family, and the newly made ones that you have bonded over some random resemblance almost instantly and remained inseparable ever since. Through laughs, tears, and hour-long movie nights, your all your BFFs aka other sisters who you took in as your own.
Sometimes there are not enough words to simply say how grateful you are to have them in your life, so this holiday season, show your gratitude instead. The perfect piece for your best friend this giving season is our Large Mojave Pendant with an abalone inlay. Each pendant is unique as each abalone stone cut is different, making this eye-catching pendant a one-of-a-kind gift for each one of your besties. 


For the Hard-Buyer
Rotating Pilar Ring Pamela Love Gift Guide
The one person you just never know what to gift them. This person is a bit tricky to buy for because they have everything they need, are indecisive on what they want, or they simply do not like most gifts they are given. Instead of gifting them something generic, since you are unsure what to get for them, take a leap and try something new that they may treasure deeply. 
This season, gift the hard-buyer who cannot make up their mind is the Rotating Pilar Ring. This ring has double-sided inlay, displaying mother of pearl on one and abalone on the other. Whether they are in the mood to dress up clean showing the mother of pearl or display more glitz and glam with abalone, this piece of jewelry is the perfect piece if you are not too sure what to get the hard-buyer this season.

For the Mother
Pamela Love Floating Diamond Hoop Earrings Gift Guide         
The woman who is your protector. She is your eternal friend. Your mother is the one who would sacrifice her own desires and needs for yours. The woman who comforted you when you were sick or supported you through some of the most difficult moments you had to face. She is your biggest fan and biggest support system, seeing your flaws as being unique and loving each part of you.
When appreciation is greater than words, gift your mother with Floating Diamond Earrings for her to always feel as beautiful as you see her. These sculptural hoops are designed with our signature offbeat wavy finish with floating diamond accents, to add a little sparkle to her day. Your mother is someone who you share a deep bond with while irritating you among the day. Through the up’s and down’s you both have faced, show her the love and gratitude you have for her with this tantalizing piece.


For the Sister
Half Moon Pendant - Pamela Love Gift Guide
The girl who wipes your tears away through heartbreaks. The sister who whips up chocolate chip pancakes with you at 2 am because you wanted them. The sibling you claim you never wanted because she stole your favorite pair of pants for the third time in a row and thought you would not notice. Through thick and thin, your sister is your rock, left-hand, and go-to for anything you may need.
Keep your sister from stealing your clothing and accessories, while thanking her for all that she has done for you this past year with our Half Moon Pendant Necklace in gold with mother of pearl and abalone inlay this holiday season. This minimalistic necklace is a piece to accentuate her everyday style, with a gold lunar-styled pendant with mystical abalone and mother of pearl inlay. Give your sister a reason to keep away from your belongings by gifting her with this irresistibly chic necklace.

For Yourself
Rotating Pave Scarab Ring - Pamela Love Jewelry
Is there a better way of saying thanks to yourself than giving yourself a fine piece of jewelry? How about a wonderfully sparkling scarab, aka Rotating Pavé Scarab Ring? Let this  small but substantial hand-carved scarab float perfectly on your finger going into 2020 as a symbol of  existence, manifestation, development, and growth. 

Pamela Love Gift Guide 2019
Begin the New Year with having the ones that you love knowing how much they are appreciated through finely made pieces of jewelry. Whether you are looking for a gift for your mother, sister, free-spirited friend, or someone who is simply hard to buy for, we seek to deliver you with quality and specialty designs, so each occupier of our jewelry feels as grateful as they are.

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