Libra Season Has Arrived

Libra Season Has Arrived

As the sun moves into Libra, entering into autumn, we can't help but look back and think how quick the summer has gone by. But there is an undeniable beauty to this season too, and Librans identify the meditative qualities of this transitional period the most. Under the positive influence of perfect balance and harmony, Librans are feeling more adventurous than ever and not afraid to try something new this season. Hey Libra, we love this unexpected side of you! Here are Pamela's picks for the imaginative, creative members of the air sign, along with others who favor balance, harmony, and equality the most on this equinox:

Libra's quest for the perfect balance is represented in the most elegant way in half
gold, half lapis inlay, with an array of pave diamonds:

Large inlay moon phase pendant

Whether we're designing around materials, colors or beautiful gemstones, it's all about the balance:

Rotating Pilar Ring

Rotating Pilar Ring in Gold
Libra, you know it's not about visual symmetry, but again, the harmony and balance between elements:

Gravitation Earrings
Gravitation Earrings in Gold
Gravitation Ring

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