Mother's Day Gift Guide

Best friend, confidant, guide and companion, most importantly, the person who brought you into this world.  There is only one “mom” and only one day specifically carved out on the calendar to celebrate whoever that is to you.  Mother’s Day we recognize a very special kind of love.

In difficult times a lot is asked of mothers and they often sacrifice more than most. This current period of uncertainty has forced us all to live a little smaller lives and probably spend more time with our immediate families and possibly held us at a distance from our older relatives.  For the mothers in your life who have been working over time lately or the mothers you maybe haven’t been able to see in person in a while, Mother’s Day is a wonderful occasion to show your appreciation. We’ve really learned the importance of the “little things” recently; tiny victories and little signs of gratitude do a lot to brighten days... especially if they’re shiny. 

So we put together a list of our favorite pieces to celebrate and brighten her day during this Mother's Day. 

Here is the full list of gifting suggestions


For the warrior

Show the role model of your life your inspiration of her courage, strength and beauty with the Dagger Pendant.

Dagger Pendant


For the new mom

The detailed scarab is a symbol of transformation and protection. Our Scarab Pendant is a thoughtful gift to show appreciation and support to the sister, friend, partner in your life who had just entered this new phase of their life.

Scarab Pendant


Opt for the fine version of the Scarab Pendant in 18k yellow gold with diamonds or sapphires for a fancier look.

Pamela Love Scarab


For the unique mom

She is one of these magnetic personalities who has a very special aura. Her uniqueness can only be crowned by the Pearl Cross Necklace with a hand picked one-of-a-kind pearl dangling on a delicate gold chain.

Pearl Cross Necklace


For the nature lover

The Anemone Earrings are romantic reminders of the Spring we have been longing for. By wearing these she can bring her love of nature indoors.



For the elegant mom

A subtle accent for the ones who have a great sense of sophistication and manage to look cool no matter what they're wearing. The hook shape that comfortably hugs the ear makes the Gravitation Earrings the perfect option for the mothers who would like to look put together during an online meeting and while lounging around the house alike.

Gravitation Earrings


ps. We have just released two one-of-a-kind versions of the Gravitation Earrings in 18k yellow gold: one with deep blue sapphires and the other with bright turquoise cabochons, both encircled by a halo of white diamonds. 

Gravitation Earrings


For the joyful spirit

Her colorful personality will shine wearing our popular Small Mojave Pendant by the beauty of vibrant Abalone, earthy Malachite, dreamy Lapis or Pink Opal. Bonus: a great style to wear together even if you have different tastes for color!

Mojave Pendant


For the young soul

Our sculptural Large Agnes Ring is the perfect statement piece for the modern mom.

Agnes Ring


For the whimsical

The sparkling Pave Scarab Drop Earrings with sapphires or diamonds have such a whimsical charm to them and will look amazing on the carefree mom who likes to dress up in a playful manner.Pave Scarab Earrings


For the classic

Our Multi Floating Diamond Hoops are timeless pieces of sparkle on her ears to keep forever.

Floating Diamond Hoops 



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