Love Stories - Jess Rotter

Profession? Illustrator, publicist for OLD records.

Where do you reside? Los Angeles.

Hail from? New York!

Whats your favorite thing about being home?

Nothing better than blasting the stereo with my husband, dog, some wine, and phones placed in another room.

Do you work from home as well?

I do! It’s a one stop shop over here.

You are currently working on a picture book, how did these characters manifest themselves into your story?

Pretty much all the characters featured in “I’m Bored” are little alter egos of myself. Channeling personal hope and frustrations via a wizard, walrus, ostrich, etc-you know, all the normal go-to characters…

So much of your illustrations keep a fondness to the humors of life? is this something you always live?

I think without keeping it silly, life can be pretty defeating. There is so much beautiful and gutting situations in life, they must be taken with care, but also a little laugh peppered in.

Does drawing have a sense of catharsis for you? I feel it could almost be a meditative approach to life.

Definitely, I deal with most situations through drawing for different purposes. It’s a language for sure- the physical act of it is extremely meditative, and it’s also very challenging at times, which is good.

Do you have any dream collaborations?

I’d love to animate something with Ralph Bakshi.

What do you believe you were doing in a past life?

I think in a past life I was either heavily involved with crystals or making bagels.

You keep a very well curated home, do you have the same approach to you jewelry?

Thank you! I find it’s always fun to have jewelry define your look. I like wearing a simple tee shirt with a fun statement necklace or cuff.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?

My wedding ring! Also my PL Fine Luna ring-it makes me smile daily with the psychedelic opal colors.

How does jewelry resonate with you?

I had a great jewelry collection including all of Pam’s classics from when her company started. When I first moved to LA, I came home to find all the jewelry I ever owned was stolen. It was a long process of acceptance to get over, but you learn that new chapters can happen and rebuilding that collection has been positive in the end.

Or you for gold or silver?


Gem or stone?


Any family heirloom?

My father gave my mother a ring as a token of love when they were on vacation in the 1970s and it means so much.

Favorite painter?

Phillip Guston-I love the piece “Painting, Smoking, Eating”-lots of pinks, skyscrapers, big noses, and cigarettes.

Currently listening to?

I’ve been really obsessed with listening to old radio shows from WNEW in NYC in the 1970’s-pure time travel. Alison Steele and Bob Lewis are my favorite DJs.

Photography and Interview by Cassi Gibson

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