Love Stories - Anna Gray

Occupation: Writer, model, founder/editor of the newsletter Things I Would Buy If I Didn't Have to Pay Rent.

Residence: East Village, NYC

Are you planning on staying in NYC for awhile?
I love the East Village and our apartment a lot. But as with everything in New York, I'll stay here until some extenuating circumstance makes me leave.

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Current interest?
Eating well and being on time.

Do you write everyday?
Do emails count?
What is your process?
Waiting until the last minute and then chaining myself to my computer.

Pen and paper or laptop?

You have a newsletter called "Things I would buy if I didn't have to pay rent", is this kind of a introspective to life in a big city?
The concept of rent is very relatable but I also really wanted to turn my procrastination habits into something productive. 
What are some of things you would buy if you did not have to pay rent?
Clothes, furniture and flights! 

What have been your favorite collaborations thus far? 
I always love working with friends. And a destination shoot. 

Favorite author?
Donald Barthelme, Lewis Carroll, Angela Carter.

You are a muse to many designers and labels out there, your look is quite distinctly femininely classic with ambiguity of ethnicity - do you think there is a lack of that in todays industry?
A muse?! I think casting directors love a half asian for their ambiguous look. Is she Asian? Is she white? Is she Hispanic? Is she all three?? It creates more work opportunity. 

Dream piece of jewelry?
A man's old gold wedding ring. 

Do you keep jewelry on your body? 
I wear gold rings on my left hand's pinky and ring finger. I also have a simple gold bracelet I wear almost everyday. 

Do you wear any heirlooms?
When I graduated from high school my maternal grandmother gifted me a ring that was a gift to her once upon a time. It's made up of five connected gold rings inlaid with different stones. It's my favorite piece of jewelry.

Favorite body part?
My legs? My boobs? My brain?

Are you attracted to silver or gold?

What are you currently reading?
Sheila Heti's "How Should A Person Be". 

Favorite Yoga pose?
To be honest: Shavasana.

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End with a quote here...
"Writers are always selling somebody out." Joan Didion

Photography by Brian Merriam
Interview by Cassi Gibson

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