Love Stories - Andrea Klabanova

Profession: Exhibition Manager

Reside: Brooklyn, New York 

Hail from?  Prague 

Dream destination?

Always have one lined up. At the moment Morocco.
Favorite painter?

Agnes Martin. 
Gold or silver?


Watch or bracelet?


What's something every woman should have In their jewelry box?

To me a jewelry box is a box of hidden memories and secrets. A woman should have a piece that she acquired during her travels, a piece she inherited and every-day simple piece she can pull out any time.

What have been some of your favorite experiences in exhibition management?

Discovering new artists and their process of thought. I love studio visits and meeting up with artists on the site, seeing their work in the process before it is polished and exhibited. Although installs can be stressful, I love working with my hands, getting dirty and trying to figure out what works best in terms of the display; it is a puzzle solving that at the end provides so much satisfaction. 

What is your process?

I start up with the bigger picture and then keep narrowing into the smallest bits and pieces, organising in terms of priorities and different categories. At the moment I am co-cuating a pop-up show with Hatch Series; the show sprouted from a small talk that me and Minna, the other co-curator, had over a coffee; laughing at the 'Brooklyn hipster aesthetics.' From there we came up with an idea that turned into a series of meetings and talks that lead to artists scouting, securing a location, looking for sponsors, media outreach and eventually big 'ufffff, it's done!' 

What have you been inspired by recently? 

When I was in L.A. I visited Neutra's VDL House. The house was built seventy-five years ago, yet it appears highly contemporary and up-to-date. I am fascinated with minimal
design and architecture; less is more and I think this is what inspires me whether I am talking about fashion, interior design or designing a catalogue for an exhibition. 

Prague, is quite a distinct city-  are there any cultural influences that resonate with you or you feel a nostalgia from?

I have always had a strange relationship with Prague. It is a place that I come from and was raised at, yet I never fully felt at home there. I can't pinpoint why, but I think it is to do with the Czech mentality that unfortunately has the reputation of being constantly unsatisfied and grumpy. I am probably the worst person to talk to about Prague.. haha. But then there are things that I feel highly nostalgic about. Prague, similarly to Berlin has very prominent sub-culture movements that I grew up with and look back at with nostalgia. I miss the hot summer days, hanging out in the public gardens and parks and just drinking beers with friends, overlooking the city. Then we would jump on a tram and pass those soviet buildings ... you don't get that in many places. 

Any family herilooms?

My grandfather has an incredible collection of rocks and stones he has found or acquired over years and years. Walking into my grandparents' apartment is like walking into a cabinet of curiosities; every cabinet, every shelf contains rocks or stones, cut in half and polished. Each rock has its dedicated place, a description stating its type and class, place of origin and year it was found. 

If you could have your ideal piece of jewelry, what would it be?

I would love to own a ring that has been in the family for years and travelled across generations. I don't think we have a piece like that, but I would love to start this trait. My grandmother gave me her ring she acquired in Turkey many many years ago. Jewellery - wise it is my most precious possession that once I would like to pass on. 

A weekend in New York I like to...

Wake up and get a coffee at my favourite coffee place Sweetshop in Williamsburg, chat with few Aussies in there, buy fresh flowers or check out flea markets, read art or design publication, meet up with friends and finish the day with a glass or rose. I have this urge to be productive, so there is always a bit of work involved. 

Photography and Interview by Cassi Gibson

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