Mari at the Museum of Art and Origins

    Pamela Love's AW16 Suspension collection is an exploration of traditional and modern elements, playing with sculptural shapes and the movement of suspended objects, as well richly colored stones like lapis and tiger's eye. The film takes place in the Museum of Art and Origins, located in Sugar Hill, Harlem, exploring spiritual boundaries within Sugar Hill and inside the doors of Harlem Renaissance luminaries. The mixture of ancient African artifacts with modernist sculptures in this space echoes Love's latest collection. Suspension plays with the juxtaposition of clean sculptural shapes against more archetypal, historical ones. Using techniques both ancient and innovative, she creates a rich and colorful collection that looks forward while embracing that which is classic. The film, shot by Rebecca Fourteau, features muse Mari Guidicelli, and was completed with the help of creative collaborator Cassi A. Gibson, and photographer Andres Altamirano. 

    L: Kasai Sculpture


    R: Afro Brasilia contemporary artist. Unknown.

    Tchi Wara for Lord Ogun by Emanoel Araújo

    Mande (West Atlantic) Kran people, NE Liberia

    Kurt Thometz rare book dealer, private library

    Mande sculpture

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