Leo Season Has Arrived

Welcome to Leo Season! 

Theatrical, decadent, expressive, protective, fiercely loyal, and never shy. Leos are a ton of fun and these lions are total peacocks when it comes to adornment. A fire sign ruled by the sun, it's fitting Leo season comes blazing in on the tail-end of a major heatwave. For our Leo friends (and anyone who wants a little extra in their life) we're feeling a lot of gold and brass plus bright colors and fiery opals for these celestial royals. Here are some of Pamela's picks for the peak summer Leo Season:



Leo's colors are gold and their stone is ruby so our 18k Dagger Series is perfect. Both available for preorder.

Half Moon Pendant

 Delicate yet impactful these 10k gold and sterling silver pendants come in a rainbow of color combinations.


Sun Hoops

 Unleash your inner Fire Sign, available in sterling silver and yellow gold plate.


Inlay Georgia Hoops

 Our favorite oversize hoops featuring a colorful multi-stone inlay.


Agnes Ring

These mid-century-influenced rings are a bold statement for a bold sign.



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