Moon in Cancer

Summer Solstice has arrived with the Moon in Cancer swiftly following its path. Cancer Season is here bringing in an abundance of passion and emotion. For those who share the sign, intuition, empathy, and sentimental endeavors are never scarce. 
The lucky gem for the Cancer is the ruby, but the impassioned red stone can add a romantic touch to anyone’s collection of jewels. The creative properties of the water-bearing sign are able to turn an object into a story in a matter of minutes. Let your feelings guide you through the season while adorned in symbolic motifs and deep rubies that will tell a tale wherever you go. 
Here are our picks for the compassionate Cancer.
Pamela Love Jewelry Ruby Hera Pendant
A symbol of beauty, fertility, and eternal life. The sculptural 18k gold pomegranate charm occupies deep red ruby seeds. 

Pamela Love Multi Floating Earrings
Sculptural hoops finished in 18k rose gold with floating ruby accents. The deep red stone brings wisdom and luck to those who wear it. 

Pamela Love 6mm Floating Ruby Clicker
 A floating ruby clicker with a deep red front-facing ruby, available in 3 sizes (6mm, 8mm, 11mm). An essential that can be worn on the Daith, on its own, or as a pair.

Pamela Love Dagger Earrings
 Dangerously femme, emitting vivacity and passion. The Dagger Earrings are perfect for the highly imaginative Cancer. 

Pamela Love Crying Eye Ear Jacket
On one side, a cascade of freshwater rice pearls fall from a protective eye stud. On the other, a dangling eye charm descends from a string of pearls that peek out from behind the ear. The perfect mismatch pair for the tender-hearted Cancer.  

6mm Floating Baguette Ruby Huggie
A baguette ruby to sit huggie to sit closely on your ear. When worn as a talisman, rubies mystical properties grant spiritual wisdom and high self-esteem. 

Pamela Love Multi Stone Huggie
 A romantic red ruby, a healing turquoise, and an iridescent opal. A huggie that includes all three precious stones for those who just can’t choose one. Available in 14k recycled gold. 

Pamela Love Teardrop Earrings
 Mismatch drop earrings yielding creative energy and emotional depth. Featuring warm pink opals and Pamela Love signature motifs.

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