Aquarius Season Has Arrived

Pamela Love Jewelry Piercing Aquarius Guide
You are a humanitarian, independent and progressive water bearer who can't help but despise anything conventional and authoritarian. A rebel at heart, you work (and think) hard to make the world a better place. Your eccentric, empathetic personality shines in social settings. Your passionate mannerism towards changing the world, care for equality and freedom, unique and confident demeanor inspires us, Aquarius. You see the best in everyone, and we see the best in you. Here are Pam's picks for the members of the free-spirited air sign, and all the independent ones.

Carry signs of your colorful, sometimes quirky personality on your ear with our newest, dainty and very charming Bezel Set Trio Stud, available in two attention-grabbing colorways.
Pamela Love Piercing

The Journey Collection is inspired by an independent world trotter like you. Bring these symbolic amulets with you to bring good luck on your travels.
Pamela Love Jewelry Collector Bracelet

Here is our version of the vessel from our golden dreams. This one is a no-brainer must-have for the Aquarian.
Pamela Love Piercing Vessel Huggie

Unleash your water-bearing characteristics - showering the world with new ideas - with deep blue lapis inlay Mojave Pendant. ps. The large version is back in stock.

Symmetry is overrated. So are the rules. Here is to the rebel at heart, to put on something sophisticated yet rebellious. This playful clicker is a great option for both the ear and the nose.
Pamela Love Jewelry Daith Septum Clicker Piercing


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