Pisces Season Has Arrived

Pamela Love Jewelry Pisces Season
Artful, intuitive and generous with a compassionate soul...
These are the words that come to mind when we think about you, dear Pisces. The season that feels closest to home since Pamela shares this sign. Pisces energy is ruled by Neptune, the celestial body that governs creativity and dreams. 
With a mysterious, mystical energy similar to that of the ocean, the ethereal fish adore exploring their boundless imaginations.
The properties of this water bearing sign influence designs for The Journey Collection along with our signature fish motifs that make us dream of the Aegean Sea. Come travel along on a journey with us adorned in these thoughtful, aquatic pieces. 

An intricate silver fish, the perfect necklace for Pisces. Also available in yellow gold plate.
Pamela Love Aegean Pendant for the Pisces season
A miniature version of our Aegean Pendant, as an eye-catching, dainty, 14k recycled gold stud, great on its own or as a pair.
pamela love aegean stud
Mini charm versions of Pamela's signature motifs and freshwater pearls dangle on a silver link necklace.
pamela love collector necklace pisces season
Pink opals, turquoise beads or freshwater pearls line up to hold a pomegranate, a fish and a scarab charm.
Pamela Love Jewelry Pink Opal Journey Bracelet
The perfect unexpected everyday option, a playful, yet delicate nautical stud.  Available in lapis, abalone and opal.
pamela love fish diamond stud 

A strand of vibrant turquoise beads features two baroque pearls and a trio of hand-carved sterling silver charms referencing amulet motifs found in ancient Mediterranean cultures.

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