Love Stories - Camila Falquez

Occupation? Photographer.

Where do you reside? In Brooklyn, but half of the year I end up being in Barcelona. 

Gold or Silver? Gold. 

Favorite stone? Amber.

Ring or Earrings? Earrings

Favorite body part? Neck.

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What inspired you to become a designer of the lens art? Would you call it that?

I have always been very inspired by my mother, she is an artist, and she always encouraged me and my sisters to express ourselves artistically. Photography just came to me organically, didn't study it, but from a very early stage it became the form in which I felt my art was best represented.

Favorite designers?

Celine and Marni, ah! And paloma wool <3

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You are from Spain, to be specific Barcelona. Do you believe that has played a big part in your work today?

I am actually not Spanish. All my family is Colombian, I was born in Mexico and grew up in Barcelona. So in regards to the question, I do think the cultural mix in my blood is a huge part of my work. 

Dream destination?

Japan, South Africa, Brazil, India, Mali. The list goes on and on.

Are you more in love with the process or the end result?

I am for sure, much more in love with the process of getting an image. I am not good at editing, once the picture is taken, it looses the momentum, and editing can make the whole magic fade. 

Dream collaboration?

Martha Graham Ballet, would love to shoot something in collaboration with the
movement they create.

What is it like to be a young women in your craft? 

It is not easy, but I am managing to overcome gender limitations. In photography men rule the scene, and they sometimes get uncomfortable when a young girl is in control of the situation. On the other hand, I do a lot of traveling photography, and as a young woman, it is also very challenging to go out on the streets of some unknown country without feeling insecure; but like I said, I am clearly getting away with it!

Do you keep family heirlooms?

My grandma's watch, its a gold tiny piece that I only wear in really special occasions.

Who are some of your muses when it comes to aesthetics?

Frida Khalo ;) 

Do you have a philosophy when it comes to wearing jewels?

I have a tradition to buy necklaces in every new country I travel to, and then wear them all the time in my every day life! I feel it adds a lot on to my daily style.
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Photography by Paloma Wool
Interview by Cassi Gibson

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