Love Stories - Mari Giudicelli

Name: Mari Giudicelli

Profession: Model, shoe designer

What is the inspiration behind your line?

I get inspired mostly by people. Friends and people on the streets. Specially elderly people. 

What is your process? Is there a ritual to it? 

I have folders of images I collect over the years, so when I'm starting developing a collection I go to them, start putting things together. Then I source the materials I want to use and start playing with it, creating shapes, almost like 3D collages. I like doing that better than looking at a blank piece of paper, waiting for an idea to come up. 

You grew up in Rio De Janeiro, does this also play a big part in the brand?

Growing up in Rio taught me to be tranquil, to take life not so seriously. I believe it's reflected on my designs on the sense of quietness, subtleness. And NY taught me to be professional and agile, so I think it's a good balance.

What are the materials in your first collection? 

I used lizard leather, I like the inconspicuous elegance of it. Also used suede, and rabbit fur for warmth and comfort. And the heels are made of timber wood, which is very strong and beautiful and sustainably sourced.

You are a muse to many, do you have a muse yourself?

That's sweet, thank you! I admire Patti Smith's life, Susan Cianciolo, Clare Richardson, Gitte Lee, and also men such as Alfred Wegener, Christophe Lemaire and Julian Klincewicz. 

Favorite designers?

Lemaire, Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag, Dries, Claire Lampert, Gosha Rubchinsky, Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Melisa Denizeri, Susan Cianciolo, Lauren Manoogian...

Silver or gold?


Family heirloom?

My great grandmother brass Samovar.

Favorite painter?

I'm into Mamma Andersson and Lore Koch.

Dream city to visit?


Whats the best feeling about working and creating for yourself?

The creative freedom, and building my own schedule. The fashion industry is so hectic and not romantic at all, so having the time and liberty to create my own world means a lot to me.

What song are you listening to right now? Philip Glass - I'm going to make a cake.

Photography by Josie Miner
Interview and Styling by Cassi Gibson

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