Love Stories - Audrey Louise Reynolds

Name: Audrey Louise Reynolds

Profession: Creator, owner and active President of ALRDYEING and ALR Global Color Corp.


Where do you reside?

Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York.

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Does passion always reason with you and your process?

Absolutely, I couldn't do it otherwise.

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What is the best way to describe the process of you and the alchemy?

Trying to harness colors you see in nature and translate them into wearable art or just art harmlessly. I don't want to hurt anything or anyone, just leave the planet as best I can.

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Would you also consider yourself some sort of alchemist in a way?

Yes, I'm in my lab most of the time, and not in meetings.

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Where do you draw inspiration from?

The earth, the wind, the rain, chance, and peoples obsession with permanence.


Are you ever short of ideas?

No, ideas are everywhere. I have so many that I find it overwhelming and easy to stray from one to another....some call that ADHD.

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What is your relationship with jewelry? 

I love jewelry. I love having materials from the earth wrapped around my body. It's fun! They make you feel beautiful, harsh, or whatever you're feeling. They're really statement pieces and can say so much about someone with such little use of surface area.

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Do you have a piece that you keep sacred?

Lots of them from all of the women in my family. I wear them to keep them with me. Some all at once for protection. Some on special occasions that are most like that specific person. They are my most scared objects holding all of the events in the life of the women that made me. My most favorites are my Nana's scarab bracelet which was also my great grandmothers (paternal side), and a big heavy gold ring with a gold rose surrounding an inset pearl and a sapphire that my maternal Norwegian great grandmother made in Brooklyn. My mom said she wore it everyday - it's really so unbelievably gorgeous.
What is the best gift in life?

Life itself. To keep breathing, find moments of happiness, lay in the sun, feel water all around you, have your hands in the earth, and to be a part of this all even though we are doomed as a species.

Photography by Andres Altamirano

Interview and Styling by Cassi Gibson

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