Brian Merriam

Brian Merriam (b. 1982) is a photographer living in Brooklyn, New York. He has no formal training in photography, instead coming to the art form as a means to document his search for the idea of nowhere, both inside and out. In his work, landscape, color and figure serve as both subject and metaphor, while aiming to evoke feelings of loneliness and longing. 

Iceland 2012. Montana 2015.

New Mexico 2014

New Mexico 2016

Upstate New York 2014

Montana 2013

Utah 2016

Iceland 2012

California 2014 

Montana 2013

New Mexico 2016. Utah 2015. Purchase print here.

Arizona 2015 

New Mexico 2014. Purchase print here.

Idaho 2014

Texas 2016. Purchase print here. New Mexico 2016.

 California 2014

Oregon 2014

Iceland 2012

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