Love Stories - Camilla Engstrom

Name: Camilla Engstrom

What is the most inspiring thing about your work?

I think because I'm not tied down to one practice I feel constantly inspired. Kind of similar to having too much coffee - anything is possible. The worse part is when I hit a wall and lose focus. Like right now, I really need a vacation.

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When did you make the decision to focus on painting solely?

I made the decision to work for myself about a year ago. As much as I love painting, I think I will always work on different projects unrelated to the art world. I need it to feel inspired. The idea of being stuck in a studio painting for the rest of my life is not appealing to me. 

For jewelry, what is your most sentimental piece?

A necklace my uncle made me out of some type of Chinese red and brown wood that I don't know the name of.

Can jewelry be sentimental?

Yes, very much.
Do you have a favorite gemstone?

I don't know much about stones so I'm sure there's a lot for me to discover, but I like jade and turquoise.

What's your favorite body part? Your work deals a lot with position of body.

On me or in general? I like hands. My own hands and other peoples hands. When it comes to men I think that's the part I'm the most picky about. Which doesn't make any sense because my hands are often covered in paint.
What are you currently listening to?
Fela kuti.

You were just in China, what was that like?

It was a very sad, but also beautiful trip. I went because my young cousin past away. I spent over two weeks reconnecting with my relatives. That's when my uncle made me my necklace. I wear it every day.
Favorite book?

Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates.

Favorite painter?

Yayoi Kusama. I admire her so much. 

Dream destination?

Machu Picchu. Who's taking me?

Photography by Camila Falquez
Interview and Styling by Cassi Gibson

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