Spiral Of Life: Ebonee Davis

Pamela Love is ecstatic to present our second collaboration with one of our forever inspirations: Ebonee Davis. The model, activist, and writer works with universal reoccurring symbolism for this nine piece collection. Iconography such as the golden ratio and the spiral of life are seen throughout this collaboration, along with our most-loved cowrie shell, highlighting the power of familial connection, fertility, death and rebirth.

Ebonee Davis x Pamela Love
Spiral Necklace, Swirl Earrings

The spiral motif is found throughout the collection, similarly to the way it is found throughout our universe, from ancient fossils, to DNA, to the shape of our galaxy in outerspace. Ebonee was inspired by this symbol as a reminder of our infinite journeys towards growth and self actualization.


Ebonee Davis, friends and collaborators

To conceptualize and art direct the shoot, Ebonee choose to celebrate her ideas surrounding this collection by adorning and capturing her closest friends and collaborators. This shoot is a celebration of community and divine feminine.

“I would like for this collection to serve as a reminder that we are all on a sacred journey, moving at our own pace toward a fully actualized version of ourselves. As long as we are constantly focused on our growth elevation, all is well. There is no rush. Only a steady climb.”
- Ebonee Davis

Ebonee Davis, Cowrie Ring

Through her work Ebonee is always striving to connect with her roots and show people how to become authentic versions of themselves. A percentage of sales from this collection will be donated to Ebonee’s non-profit Daughter Org, founded to give young members of the African diaspora the opportunity to travel to West Africa to learn more about their identities and celebrate the beauty of their countries and cultures.