Turquoise Mountain for Pamela Love

Pamela Love Turquoise Mountain Chain Necklaces 

Handmade with a focus on detail and artisanship, Pamela Love presents a collection made with love in Afghanistan.

The Turquoise Mountain for Afghan Arts and Architecture (turquoisemountain.org) is an institute for traditional jewelry practices that works with master jewelers to create unique and outstanding pieces.



Turquoise Mountain for Afghan Arts and Architecture, courtesy of Turquoise Mountain 

The institute offers a three year program where artisans learn how to design and create beautiful pieces before going on to create their own jewelry collections. This program has helped over 5,000 Afghans over the past two years. 


Pamela Love Turquoise Mountain Chain Necklaces

Pamela worked with the institute to create her own line of stunning pieces, using traditional jewelry practices to create a collection of handmade staples. Showcasing an emphasis on storytelling, the small team of employees and apprentices makes every piece of jewelry by hand.

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Sourced with raw materials, they then decide which fine jewelry technique they will use, often dividing up tasks based on their skills. Filigree, inlay and granulation are just some of techniques used by the artisans of Turquoise Mountain. 

Pamela Love Turquoise Mountain


These limited edition celestial necklaces, layering chains and statement bracelets are inspired by our previous partnership for one of our favorite pieces, the Kyleigh Moon Phase Necklace


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