A Personal Gift Guide from Pam

Every holiday season we send out a gift guide. You the know drill, “things under 200 dollars”, “gold pieces”, “statement styles” blah blah blah. You’ve all seen them. You get a million of them. Well…here’s another one. BUT this year I thought maybe I should write it myself- based on the people in my life who might be a lot like the people in yours – something a bit more specific and a lot more personal. Because 2017 was brutal and this holiday season it feels especially important to give back to those who helped us get through it. I hope it’s helpful. Happy Holidays!!



That “Best Person Ever”

Have someone in your life who has gone above and beyond for you in 2017? A girlfriend, sister, best friend, someone you want to make super happy and repay their friendship tenfold? We’ve got you covered and can make sure no one gets her a gift better than you. Look no further than the Opal Essential Ring: the present of all presents if you ask me. I wear mine daily and can’t live without it so I may be just a little bit partial. But I seriously cannot imagine any lady not being happy to get this beauty. Also, there’s that silly superstition that you shouldn’t buy opals as a gift for yourself, so chances are she already wants it but doesn’t want to put a hex on herself! Here’s your chance to make her truly happy. 


The Difficult to Shop for Friend

Everyone has that friend that feels impossible to read and shop for. Maybe she already seems to have everything, is highly particular, or maybe just bewilderingly mysterious. Either way, every single year you have no idea what to get – annoying, I know. Lucky for you we just restocked our Small Beaumont Earrings in sterling silver. They are one of those magical pieces that work for just about anyone be she super chic and sophisticated, edgy and dark, or quirky and girly. The perfect looks-great-on-everyone- no-brainer unless…gasp…they don’t have their ears pierced. Then you need a no-brainer for the not pierced, in which case may I suggest the Half Moon Pendant. It’s simple and elevated but also mysterious and romantic. I haven’t met a person who didn’t want to rip mine off my neck and I think that’s a good sign. You’re probably safe with one of those two.


Your Twenty BFFs/All the Women at Your Office 

Sometimes you have a lot of people you are shopping for and you can’t get one of them something nicer than any of the others because they all hang out together, work together, live together aka they talk. For this tricky situation I like the Savannah Jasper Mojave Hoops. Since they are all one of a kind – the jasper in each piece is different– they will all feel like they are getting something special but you only had to make one decision. Also, they happen to be on sale (a rarity in the PL world but bonus for you, a clerical error means we made too many) so you’ll be able to make everyone feel special and STILL have cash left over for yourself.  Win/win. 


The Artist/Jewelry Aficionado/Design Obsessive

You know the one (I can relate, because I’m totally this person.) When it comes to collecting and accessorizing, the weirder, the more unique, the better. I suggest the Pilar Earring in 18k gold with turquoise, malachite and recycled coral. We only made ONE for the holidays. so this is a piece that is truly one-of-a kind for that lucky artist/ jewelry collector/kindred spirit of mine.


The Hopeless Romantic 

Do you have a friend in your life who wears vintage lace dresses to everything, is best friends with her cat, and writes poetry every day? Get that woman some Long Persephone Earrings. They are feminine, special and intricate just like her.  


Your Mom

One of the hardest people to shop for in my opinion! I mean she’s just the person who gave you life, no big deal or anything. I always go for a few things just so my bases are covered: you can never go wrong with a candle so I always throw that in there, plus a rose water mist, and this year I’m going to be getting mine the Opal Gravitation Earrings with white diamonds. They are simple and feminine but also very unique. Plus they have a more petite silhouette so they are perfect for moms like mine who can’t handle larger styles.


Your Most Fashionable Friend 

We all have one. Mine always makes me feel like I’m wearing my pajamas when she shows up, I felt great and then she arrives and I suddenly feel like I’m a total schlub. But I love her for it, she keeps me in check and out of sweatpants in public and I’m better for it. My most fashionable friend loves rings – big sculptural modern ones – and long earrings. She’s bold and unafraid to make a statement but is always refined. This year I think the Lasso Ring and the Sol Earrings are perfect for her.


Your Goth

Got anyone in your life wearing eggplant lipstick and combat boots, dreaming of moving to Berlin, and sleeping in front of an ornately carved black lacquer headboard? If you don’t, you should. My gothically-inclined friends are some of my favorite people and what could be better than a sterling silver serpent ring or an Obsidian Arrowhead Ring for these witchy women? These are classics and have been part of my brand since I was wearing combat boots and eggplant…


The New Mom 

Let me start off by saying – this gift is not for the baby. Baby jewelry is cute and all but chances are mom hasn’t slept or left the house in two months so let’s pamper this lady. I think you should get her some Monk Oil. I swear by it, it’s like a spa in a bottle.  You should also get her some PL Tea, it’s fantastic and relaxing. To top it off, get her a pair of PL x Selima Optique Sunglasses. No one will notice how tired she is when she’s hiding behind these fabulous oversized shades.  


The Yogi/Workout Addict

This person probably doesn’t wear much jewelry as she’s always at the yoga studio or the gym and jewelry would get all caught and twisted around in her hair. Not good. But a really teeny light weight earring might just do the trick- something she never ever has to take off, not even in the shower.  The Suspension Hoops in sterling silver are perfect. They are so comfortable and just hug the earlobe so there’s no chance of them getting caught in or on anything aka just minimal and practical enough to be totally jock/pretzel person approved. 


The Secret Freak 

You know the type, one of the most enjoyable friends to shop for. On the surface she seems super normal, maybe even a little square, but she actually has the most obscure taste in music, books, and art. She knows everything about the strange and bizarre but still wears khaki slacks and white lace up sneakers to work.  This girl is classic but secretly a little bit off – just like our Deconstruct Hoops. No deeper explanation necessary here. She will get it. Trust me.


The Ex-Bohemian

We all had that phase. I mean, I had feather hair extensions at one point and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Let’s be honest, most of us are a little bit of a hippie at heart. This person in particular, she refined things a bit – no more peasant dresses or fringe moccasins – but she loves a good minimal wool poncho, the Grateful Dead are still on rotation at least once a week, and let’s face it, those gypsy-inspired finger tattoos aren’t going anywhere.  Why not get her a Luna Ring? It’s sleek and clean enough to work with where she’s going but still reminds her of where she’s been.



2017 was rough, there’s no denying it, and you’ve worked your ass off, tried to stay positive despite the ever-nagging feeling of impending doom that creeps up in the pit of your stomach every time you turn on the news, and most importantly you have tried to be the best person you could possibly be to others, to animals, to the environment, and to your family.  In a word, you are AWESOME. Plus, you were tough enough to get through this whopper of a year and you should have something that shows the world just how tough you are. I used to get a visible and intimidating tattoo when I felt this way, but now that I’m 35 I think my mom doesn’t find it cute anymore.  Let’s channel that desire into some tough but feminine jewelry. I suggest you go for it with the Diamond Five Spike earrings or the Diamond Pave Double Spike Earrings. You deserve to treat yourself. With either of these, the rest of the world will know you mean business (in a scary but also very sexy kind of way.)


That Overlooked Person

Whoops! You forgot someone. It happens, but don’t panic! You can always get them a gift certificate to our Pamela Love webstore and it will be emailed directly to them. Success! You’re a hero and it couldn’t have been any easier (not that they have to know that.)


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