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The Petticoat is an image project created and curated by Cristina Fernandez and Siro Garcia. They launched the blog in 2011 with the purpose of creating a living portfolio and telling visual stories based on emotions, thoughts, and ideas. In this Love Story, Cristina styles the Pamela Love collection with her extensive wardrobe and is photographed by Andres Andres Altamirano.

What sparked the idea for The Petticoat?

Siro and I started dating eight years ago, and we bonded over the fact that we both have creative minds and are very visual people. Every time we're together we are creating something or talking about a new idea. After two years, we felt we needed a place to put everything and present our work. That's how The Petticoat got started. At first was only a side project but as we grew, our life was changing, and we published more and more. Now it's an online space to share what we see while traveling, what inspires us daily, and how that all connects to our work in the fashion industry.

Long lasting partnerships are hard to find, how do you continually inspire each other?

Being inspired feels natural to us. Sometimes people ask us if it´s difficult to be a couple and work together, but we are happy like this, and we work better together. Besides, we travel a lot, and we are always doing new things and meeting new people. It's easy to be inspired while continually moving. The worst part is, we have the same strengths and weaknesses - we are both so bad at numbers and anything that involves practical thinking!

How do YOU define style? 

I like this question. We are always talking about this since I am obsessed with people and I love observing individuals. It doesn't take much to look around and realize that style has nothing to do with clothes.  It's mental and emotional; it's having something special that makes you different. I think of style like any art form, its self-expression like music, art, skateboarding, writing… anything! So fashion, for me, is just another tool communicate with the world.

What do you hope sharing your life through your blog offers readers?

I think the best secret about our page is that we are not sharing only images of our personal life, we are sharing something more personal, our feelings. We want to invite people to see the world through our eyes. We want to make them feel what we feel.

You're wearing the Pamela Love collection for this shoot. What are your favorite pieces?

My absolute favorites are the Rhea Choker, the Mojave Hoops, and the Lasso Necklace.

Which clothing designers are you obsessed with right now?

Loewe, Regina Pyo, Saks Potts, Jacquemus, Lauren Manoogian, Marni, Edun…and the list could go on and on. Everybody is doing something different right now. 

You are from Spain.  What city do you call home?

Salinas, a small town by the sea in Asturias. It´s the opposite of a big city - in winter you hardly see more than ten people in town. There are no shops and only a few restaurants and local food markets. There's a huge beach with good waves and although we travel all the time we still love calling Salinas home. Our families are here, and it's the perfect place to relax and reset.

When people visit what do you suggest doing?

Surf. We have amazing waves almost every day.

Relax. Asturias is known to be a natural paradise; we have mountains, the beach and a lot of hidden towns in the middle of nowhere. 

Visit artisans and ateliers. You can see how they work in ancient ways.

Eat. Everything is super fresh - fish, vegetables, meat, fruit... We buy everything from our neighbors.

Beach. Find wild and empty beaches and spend the day exploring.

Visit art exhibitions or concerts at Niemeyer Center.

Mountains. In winter you can quickly get to skiing areas with great views.

Surf festivals. In summer we have a lot of surf and longboard festivals with contests, concerts, and good vibes.

Interview by Olivia La Roche.

Photography by Andres Altamirano.

Styled by Cristina Fernandez.

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