Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

It's impossible to define who a mother is or what motherhood means, but there is one universal underlying quality: love. From bio and adoptive mothers to educators and step-moms to drag moms and chosen family and all the guides we encounter in life, Mother's Day is a time to celebrate these folks and what they do and mean in our lives. In an attempt to categorize the uncategorical we've put together a gift guide as a jumping off point for the mother in your life.


Discover Pamela's Picks for Mother's Day


For your Best Friend: 

The Heart in Hand PendantHeart in Hand Pendant

She's always there for you, ready to lend an ear or a helping hand. Her support is unwavering.


For the Protector:  

Pythia CuffPythia Cuff

She's woven an unbreakable bond of love and protection for her family.


For the Forever Young:  

Rainbow Heart NecklaceRainbow Heart Necklace

A sense of whimsy and joy follows everything they do, why not celebrate that playful creative spark.


For the Guide:   

See Me Loupe NecklaceSee Me Loupe Necklace

She's a leader, cutting a path through the wilderness with a keen eye for the magic along the way.


For the Caretaker:   

Lapis Vessel PendantLapis Vessel Pendant

She carried you through the hard times with grace and strength.


For the Dreamer:   

Chimera EarringsChimera Earrings

They taught you that you could be whoever you wanted to be in this life and made the possibilities for your future seem limitless.


Discover Pamela's Picks for Mother's Day

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