April Showers of Sparkling Diamonds

April Diamonds

Born under the intense pressure and heat and brought to the earth's surface via pipelines of magma, it's no wonder that diamonds are the star of our new Molten piercing collection. 


Molten Crescent StudMolten Crescent Stud


Fluid gold bezels encase these glittering gems creating a graceful balance between the refinement of a cut diamond and the chaos from which it's born.


Molten Chain StudMolten Chain Stud


From the arc of a crescent to the drape of a chain, from the curve of a hook to the linearity of a barbell, from the relaxed silhouette of a single stud to the playful motion of a climber, the dynamic forms of the Molten piercing collection make for versatile combinations in an ear stack of arresting statement pieces on their own. 

Discover the collection


Molten Collection 

Discover the Molten Collection


Straight BarbellStraight Barbell


Molten Climber StudMolten Climber Stud


4mm Molten Stud4mm Molten Stud


Trio Molten HookTrio Molten Hook

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