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Langley Fox


Artist and Model


When did you first discover that you could draw?

I've always drawn since I can remember. With time and dedication I became better at it.


What's your favorite thing about modeling?

Working with someone who has a good eye and vision and wants to do something creative is always fun. I think it's fun to be involved with someone's creative process when they're confident in what they do. 

Hail from?

Ketchum, Idaho

Currently living in?

Los Angeles, CA

Do you have a favorite piece of artwork you have ever created?

Once I create something I usually like it the most till I’ve made another if I’ve done it well.  I just drew an elephant that I’ve very stoked with.

Favorite artist?

Egon Schiele is up there

Currently reading?

Zooey and Franny

Favorite album?

You can never pick one… Hunky Dorey by Bowie is up there



Current obsession?


Guilty pleasure?

Being anti social

What's your favorite thing to do when you're at home being anti social?


A secret about yourself?

I wear socks to bed and cant sleep without them.

Three things you couldn't live without?

My dog, my cat, and my 4 friends.


What about socks, though?

I definitely can't live without socks. That was number 4

Describe your personal style.

An accumulation of every weird character I’ve ever admired stuck on me.

Who are some of those characters?

Young Winona Ryder, patti smith, Johnny Knoxville, early Gwen stefani, Keith Richards, David Bowie, street painters, body shop machanics, cholas.... this list goes on.

Favorite piece of jewelry you every received and why

I love all the jewelry I receive… really just depends on the current rotation I’m in.  Obviously I love rings and love gold right now.


Top 3 favorite pieces of jewelry?

I love my arrow head from Pamela love! My new gold chain I just bought in London, my signet pinky ring with my initial in it. 


Who is your hero?

My dad


Because he has been through sickness and health, hardship and love, and has come through all obstacles becoming a stronger man. 


Langley wears Pamela Love SS17, AW16 and classic Pamela Love collection shot in Los Angeles. Videos and photo taken by Dominic Haydn Rawle. See more of Langley's artwork at

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