It's Raining Diamonds

From everyday glamour to the ring of a lifetime, April is the month of diamonds.

The dizzying sparkling diamond: what can be written about them that hasn’t already been said? Born deep beneath the surface of the earth, they are seductive, ancient, and have entranced humanity for centuries. Symbolic of love and eternity, even a just a sprinkle of diamond pavé brings light and joy to someone’s day. 

Our April friends are lucky enough to have this most precious of gems as their birthstone, but we’re sure most of us can find Aries somewhere on our charts if we really need an excuse.

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Trust us, it’s a very Aries thing to justify, after all. Aries are known for being a bold, courageous, and passionate enthusiasts who may be just a little bit reckless and impulsive. What better stone to celebrate these springy optimists? 

Treccia Ring

So whether you are born in April, in search of the perfect rarified token of eternal devotion (our Treccia ring is limited to ten and features De Beers diamonds hand-selected by Pamela herself), or simply want to give your piercing array a little extra sparkle, we’ve got your diamond needs covered.


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