Love Stories - Alicia Johnson

Name: Alicia Johnson

  • I live in the Financial District
  • Favorite t-shirt: My boyfriend’s!
  • Jeans: Courtshop, fit: Jenny
  • Perfume: Pulp, Byredo 
  • Nail Polish: My Vampire is Buff, OPI
  • Necessary Extravagance: Lingerie!!!

  • I consider jewelry as much more than an accessory. It is art, so I treat it as such.

    I hang pieces on my wall, on corners of mirrors and framed pictures, layer out over various surfaces, as well a from my lamp on my dresser. And, of course, I also have jewelry boxes and trays.

    I love plants and I have several. But my favorite place has to be one of my many succulents. The reason I favor this lil guy is because I bought it the first time I hung out with my boyfriend. It has grown so much since then and it makes me smile every time I see it. 

    I have loved figure drawing since I was probably 11 years old, and as odd as it may sounds, my go-to doodle is usually a female torso… nude of course 

    My favorite piece of art I own is “The Dead Toreador,” by Édouard Manet. I found it at the monthly antique fair in Sacramento, CA. It was $5.00! It’s a bit morbid but I truly treasure it. 

    My signature PL piece is her bird skull ring. I wear it all the time! I was fortunate enough to snag it up at last year’s sample sale. I think it was the only one as well. My favorite memory while wearing it is strangely a terrifying one… allow me to preface: I have a terrible habit of losing jewelry. Like, it’s bad. Anyways, I was out with friends for one of those “lets just meet for one” nights, and we had the best time! Cut to the morning: I wake on my friend’s sofa and can immediately sense an absence of my fav ring! Vague memories of me foolishly playing with my ring begin to send me into a panic, and the hunt ensues. To make a long, scary, story short, I found it in my purse pocket. Phew!

    Interview by Double or Nothing (
    Photography by Skye Parrott (

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