itsblitzz Nameplate

itzblitzz nameplate

We are proud to introduce our latest in a series of collaborations with multifaceted artists who have inspired us and touched our lives.  It’s hard to define Julia (known as itsblitzzz on youTube and social media) as just one thing. She’s funny, earnest, smart, compassionate, tough, prolific and overall inspiring. If you aren’t already familiar with her we know you will soon love her as much as we do. 

Julia and Pamela became friends during the early days of Pamela Love jewelry when they both lived in NYC. Julia was an intern for the company and was subsequently hired as the brand’s social media content manager upon the completion of her internship. After Julia left the fashion industry, the two remained close friends and have stayed in touch over the past 10 years.

Pamela Love x itsblitzzz

In that time, Julia moved to Los Angeles and resurrected her YouTube channel which she created in her early twenties and through which generated a small audience. Her channel began as she cut up t-shirts on her bedroom floor in Baltimore, but has shifted to reflect her new passions and interests, most notably ASMR. 

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. To someone who is unfamiliar with the term, it can be a difficult concept to explain. Most ASMR content uses gentle sounds and visual sensations to soothe the viewer. For some it can elicit a tingling sensation that starts in the head and travels down the spine through the rest of the body. Julia’s unique take on ASMR focuses on the power of touch and connection to provide relaxation, combat insomnia, and decrease anxiety. Pamela is one of those people who regularly turns to Julia’s videos to help manage her stress.  


itsblitzzz ASMR


In addition to creating soothing content, Julia is also known for her ethics and conscientious ways, advocating for a low-waste lifestyle and sharing ways to be more environmentally conscious. At the same time, she rejects the notion of a “perfectly” ethical life being attainable. She talks candidly about mental health, shares recipes and photos of her favorite snack plates, as well as videos of her latest foster kittens. Her delivery is honest, authentic, and real which contributes to the affection people hold for her and the reason her platform continues to grow. She has spoken out about turning down partnerships that don’t fit her ethical code and seeks to collaborate in a meaningful way with other brands and artists. 

This collaboration was born of Pamela and Julia’s long and evolving friendship, and is intended to be a celebration of connection, tenderness and shared ideas. Jewelry is intimate and provides a comfort to the wearer, much like listening to or watching Julia’s videos. Empathy, tactility and humane engagement are all common themes of her work, whether she is creating an ASMR video, raising awareness for those affected by wealth inequality and homelessness, addressing the issues of mass incarceration, or sharing candid moments with her cats. This collaborative project aims to celebrate all of these. 

itsblitzzz nameplate

The piece itself was inspired by a nameplate that Julia had for many years and seldom removed. Something like a personal talisman, it brought her comfort and felt like a piece of her. Sadly it was stolen from a hotel room in 2019 and she found herself missing a possession that could not be replaced. When Julia and Pamela began brainstorming for this project, the first thing that came to mind was a nameplate in a traditional Olde English font, like Julia’s former necklace. The nameplates are made with love from recycled silver and gold and the original sketch for the piece was designed by Pamela’s husband Matthew. We hope this creation invokes a sense of peace, comfort, and joy for anyone who wears one.

20% of proceeds from this collaboration will be donated to Children of Promise NYC. CPNYC is the first and only after-school program and summer day camp specifically designed to meet the needs, interests and concerns of children left behind by a parent serving time in prison and had established it's own innovative and holistic model to support children of incarcerated parents in leading healthy and productive lives.