Memor: Contemporary Heirlooms II

Memor x PL Jewelry Dishes

Memor Abalone Jewelry Dish


Pamela Love is thrilled to announce our second collaboration of bespoke objects with Memor. The collection of one-of-a-kind objects weaves together classic Pamela Love motifs like the scarab and the pomegranate with Memor’s signature ceramic shards, fragments, and seashells. 


Discover the Collection 

Memor x PL Jewelry DishesMemor Abalone Jewelry Dish


The result is a collection of heirlooms that serve as both decorative and functional objects breathing new life into repurposed remnants.


Memor x PL CombMemor Comb with Brass Pomegranate


The mosaic combs, jewelry boxes, and abalone jewelry dishes are all thoughtfully crafted by hand in the Memor studio and inlaid with upcycled ephemera that might otherwise go unappreciated.


Memor x PL Jewelry BoxMemor Jewelry Box with Eye I 


The resulting art pieces are infused with a wistful and romantic quality as each unique piece achieves a special sense of harmony from the disparate ingredients.


Memor x PL Jewelry BoxMemor Jewelry Box with Silver Pomegranate II