Tell Your Story in Gold

Pamela Love Jewelry Gold Necklaces

Our latest creations feature delicate versions of Pamela's favorite motifs. These golden talismans are designed to be worn and never taken off, perfect on their own or as layering pieces. 
All in recycled 14k yellow gold.

Mini Ruby Hera 

Discover the dainty version of our bestseller Ruby Hera Pendant. The perfect little talisman of luck.

 Pamela Love Jewelry Ruby Hera Pendant

Mini Dagger and Mano Cornuto

Our favorite Dagger motif is reimagined as a dainty golden treasure. 
The Mano Cornuto or horned hand is a traditional Italian talisman renowned for its protection against the evil eye or 'Malocchio'. 

Pamela Love Jewelry Gold Necklaces

Serpent Ruby  

A detailed snake with deep ruby eyes to graciously crawls on your neck.

Pamela Love Gold Snake Pendant

Mini Vessel

Mini version of our favorite Vessel Pendant.

Pamela Love Jewelry Vessel Necklace

Enamel Italian Horn & Coral Branch

Crafted in recycled 14k yellow gold and painted with red enamel, these vibrant necklaces are exciting pops of color on your neck.

Pamela Love Jewelry Enamel Necklaces

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