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Pamela Love Jewelry Review

About Pamela Love Jewelry

Pamela Love 
jewelry takes inspiration from the world around us, infusing meaning into her pieces to be uncovered by those who seek to find it. Deeply spiritual, her collections work recycled metals and fairly traded stones into each impactful design. 

The brand has caught the attention of tons of magazines, winning awards for their sustainable designs. Love has won the Ecco Domani Fashion Fund Award, the CFDA Lexus Eco Challenge for Sustainable Design, the CFDA Swarovski Awards for Accessory Design. 

Featured in The New York Times, The Zoe Report, WWD, Brides, Vogue, and many others, the company has enchanted the world with their moving pieces, and the 220K following on the Pamela Love Instagram page reflects that well. 

This Pamela Love jewelry review will examine the brand and their best-sellers, providing examples of customer feedback, information on discounts, and more, to help you decide if the brand’s mystic jewelry is worth the buy. 


Overview of Pamela Love


Jewelry is personal, regardless of the piece. It’s usually purchased at a time when memories are to be made by those who want to make their mark. 

Pamela Love jewelry has a slightly more mystic sense about it, almost as if it’s like a treasure waiting to be discovered by someone throughout their life’s journey. 

The brand’s namesake and founder, Pamela Love, started making jewelry out of her NYC apartment in 2006, experimenting with metals and stones and molding designs that felt right and were inspired by something higher

Influenced by “astronomy, astrology, alchemy, early American and Mexican silver traditions,” her pieces come from a place within, rich in meaning and brimming with stories to share. 

Her spirited collections sparked collaborations with Barneys, Kiths, J Crew, Shinola, Nine West, and Rizzoli, the last one giving birth to Love’s book, Muses and Manifestations, in 2016. 

The brand’s website proudly states that they only use recycled metals in an effort to help the earth and those who inhabit it. The precious gems are ethically sourced and conflict-free

To help others blossom in countries on the other side of the world, Pamela Love has partnered with Turquoise Mountain, an organization that connects local Afghanistan artisans with companies who need their skills.

Before we really dive into the brand and their products, this Pamela Love Jewelry review will give you a quick rundown of their pros and cons:


  • Pamela Love creates a stunning range of jewelry from necklaces to rings to earrings, across multiple collections to suit many customers
  • Ethically sources precious gems and uses recycled metals 
  • Partnered with Turquoise Mountain to keep the jewelry making trade alive in Afghanistan
  • Great ‘Repair’ Policy
  • Offers customization options
  • Products are offered in a range of prices to fit all types of budgets
  • Recently launched the Pamela Love wedding collection for brides
  • Many customers recommend the brand


  • Offers a shorter return window of 7 days

As soon as you land on the brand’s website, instant feels ensue, ones that provoke emotion and show you exactly how the brand takes inspiration from the world around us to create their spiritual pieces

In the next section, we’re going to run through a few of the brand’s gorgeous and evocative earrings, necklaces, and rings. 

Pamela Love Earrings Review

If you’re looking for out-of-this-world earrings to complement your not-so-ordinary style, you’ve come to the right place. This Pamela Love Jewelry review will feature the brand’s most popular picks below, each one a modern take on classic concepts or features. 

Oh, and one more note: if you’re in the market for particular earrings to suit a particular piercing, you can use the website’s search function to easily find it. For example, ‘Pamela Love helix piercing’ will reveal all of the brand’s earrings for that type of placement. 

Pamela Love Dagger Earrings Review 

Reminiscent of that tragic scene in Romeo and Juliet, the Dagger Earrings evoke feelings of longing, lust, and sorrow. 

Made from polished sterling silver with intricate dagger detailing, these earrings are sure to ignite a conversation, perhaps with your own Romeo (even if that’s simply yourself). 

At the base of one of these 2-inch earrings hangs a freshwater pearl droplet for added drama that perhaps signifies the feminine half of this star-crossed pair. Create your own love story with these Pamela Love Earrings for $220

Pamela Love Five Spike Earrings Review

Sure, earrings are fun, but there are so many that are just… underwhelming. Pamela Love is all about doing things differently, and that’s clearly seen in the Five Spike Earrings

Worn in a reverse style, the five points attach to the outside of your ear and stick through to the inside, creating an interesting, never-seen-before (to us) concept that makes us actually excited to wear earrings again. 

They’re made from brass plated with 14k yellow gold with sterling silver posts. A fun accompaniment to leather and black, get the Five Spike Earrings for $210

Pamela Love Gravitation Earrings Review 

If you’re looking for something classic with a little edge to it, the Gravitation Earrings are a captivating pick. They have a unique shape, shooting through your earring hole then hugging the bottom of your lobe with a white topaz accent. 

They’d make a great pairing piece to Pamela Love Huggie Earrings or studs of other shapes and sizes that contrast against the pinkish-blue opal. Grab a pair in sterling silver for $250 and watch the compliments ‘gravitate’ in. 

Pamela Love Necklaces Review

The best jewelry tells a story. The brand’s customer favorites when it comes to necklaces, featured below in this Pamela Love Jewelry review, have something to tell you and the world around you. Listen closely. 

Pamela Love Mythologie Choker Review 

With old-world charm, this enchanting necklace speaks of exotic trade in a place far, far away. Adorned with a few types of hand-carved charms like fish and oil bottles, the jewelry sets a freshwater pearl after every three for a real look of elegance. 

The charms are 14k yellow gold-plated brass and the necklace is 15” long, but can be extended to 16.5”. Play with length and wear it one day as a necklace and another as a choker.

Coupled with a long coin necklace, we love the idea of it paired with a solid Pamela Love Conch Piercing hoop. 

Get this mystical choker for $420 and feel like royalty from a long-lost civilization. 

Pamela Love Dagger Pendant Review 

Beauty can be dangerous. The Dagger Pendant looks like an ancient crusader’s sword encrusted in pave white and champagne diamonds. This necklace features a ruby briolette droplet at the tip and a black diamond at the dagger’s hilt. 

This intense 2-inch, 18k gold pendant hangs on an 18-inch, 14k delicate chain. A conversation starter all on its own, this pendant hangs low, so perhaps wear it with a low plunging top and lots of bold red lipstick. 

Show the world your dangerous side with one of these Pamela Love necklaces for $1,800

Pamela Love Rings Review

The brand has a collection of thought-provoking rings, from the Pamela Love Arrowhead Ring to the evil eye to scarab to anemone – all mysterious beings or elements that carry meaning. 

We’ll be showing you our favorite ring below, featuring an element that holds power and brings change. 

Pamela Love Luna Ring Review 


The moon proves that even when we’re not our fullest, we can still be beautiful. The Luna Ring has two crescent moons that gather around a blue 5mm moonstone. 

Dainty yet powerful, this ring, like all other Pamela Love pieces, holds a ton of meaning if you’re willing to look for it. 

The band’s made of sterling silver and measures about 7.3 mm. Available in sizes 5-8 (including half sizes), the Luna Ring is a cool $140


Pamela Love Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The brand’s jewelry is beguiling and we’re hooked. But no Pamela Love Jewelry review would be complete without hearing from their customers, so we combed the web to see what they had to say about the brand. 

Pamela Love rings and jewelry aren’t on any well-known review sites like Trustpilot or other popular ones, although they’re sold in multiple retail stores.

Below is a collection of reviews found from places far and wide across the web that will hopefully shed some light on what the brand’s jewelry is really like.

A sustainable jewelry-buying guide on Mind, Body, Green listed Pamela Love as one of the top 13 eco-friendly brands to buy from. 

The guide remarked on the “recycled metal and conflict-free or upcycled stones” in their designs and their collaborations “with makers around the world.” We also love the brand for their sustainability measures and designs, plus their jewelry is all so stylish. 

Several Reddit threads start with a user asking for other Redditor’s opinions of where to buy quality, affordable, and attractive jewelry. We came across 4 different comments that all recommended the brand. 

One particular comment read, “Love…Pamela Love (especially anything celestial-inspired.” We enjoy those designs as well but her dagger series really stole our hearts. 

Vox mentions the brand in their article on ‘The Very Best Places To Shop For Jewelry Online’, noting the brand’s “lower priced cocktail options” that can be found at Barneys. 

We appreciate the variation in Pamela Love’s pricing, so those looking to spend a little more are free to do so, while those who want to save can as well.

Is Pamela Love Worth It?

When we first looked at Pamela Love’s site, we were spellbound. There’s a spiritual, natural vibe to the way the brand creates their designs, and it’s one that we’re totally into. 

If you’re like us and enjoy finding meaning in the world around you, there’s a good chance you’ll like what they have to offer as well. 

Are they worth it? Considering their sustainable material sourcing, stylish pieces, and range of prices and styles, this Pamela Love Jewelry review thinks that they are definitely worth the buy

Pamela Love Promotions & Discounts

During this Pamela Love Jewelry review, we looked high and low on the brand’s website to find you every last deal it has to offer. Here’s what we found:

  • Get 10% off when subscribing to the mailing list
  • Free US shipping
  • Earn rewards when you shop

Where To Buy Pamela Love

We always say the best place to buy from a brand is directly from their website when possible. That way, if you run into any issues with your order, the return or exchange policy is straightforward. So, you can buy Pamela Love from pamelalove.com or any of these retailers:

  • Moda Operandi
  • Free People
  • FarFetch
  • The Outnet
  • ModeSens

Check out their full list of Stockists to find one nearest you. If you’re lucky enough to live in Paris, head down to the Paris Store at 17 rue de Grenelle Paris 7ème. 


What is Pamela Love’s Shipping Policy?

For US customers, once you place your order online, it will ship out in about 3-5 business days. Your order is sent for free using ground shipping if it totals over $270. If you want it delivered faster, this Pamela Love Jewelry review found the following options:

  • UPS Ground: 3-7 business days 
  • UPS Next Day: 1-2 business days

All shipping costs are calculated at checkout. If your order totals over $500, be sure to be home to sign for it as they cannot leave it at your door. 

This is only available for some US customers. To sort out all the details, email shop@pamelalove.com with your order number and drop-off location. 

For international customers, when you place your order online it will take 2-3 business days to process before it is shipped out. At checkout, you can choose either FedEx or UPS Worldwide. Shipping costs vary by location and will be shown at checkout once you enter your address. 

What is Pamela Love’s Return Policy?

If you need to, you can return your Pamela Love order within 7 days of delivery. To do so, submit your request via the Contact Form. Be sure to include the following information:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Order Number
  3. Full Name 
  4. Date of Purchase
  5. Description of why you would like a return or exchange

You’ll need to send your package back within 10 days from your delivery date. Return shipping is free if your order totals over $675. If not, you will be responsible for all return shipping costs. 

You cannot return an item that has been worn, altered, or damaged in any way. 

How to Contact Pamela Love

We hope that this Pamela Love Jewelry review answered all of your questions about the brand, but if you have any more, feel free to reach out to the brand using any of the following methods:


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