November Astrology Guide

 Explore your horoscope for November and discover the perfect talisman to help  you tap into your feminine energy to nourish and soothe yourself this month. 

This month proves to be an illuminating one in astrology with Venus and the Sun transitioning the sky. Expect a combination of loving and nurturing energy to soothe us during a fraught election month and space for secrets to be illuminated by the sun's searching rays.  

Created in collaboration with astrologist Kyle Thomas, words by Gemma Lacey.

Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope


Venus, the divine feminine, moves throughout your sectors of romance, union, and intimacy this November. This will make all of your relationships blossom. Harmony first starts within, though, so listen to what your heart is telling you so when you seek to connect with others you feel a sensitive and sensual rapport. With your ruler, Mars, also awakening this month, you will finally feel it easier to move toward your heart’s desires.

Pamela Love Palma Bracelet
Your Talisman: The Palma bracelet reminds you to stay in flow and listen to your intuition this month.


Pamela Love Astrology Guide

Your ruler, Venus, is known as a source of feminine and intuitive energy and always does her best to protect you and fill your life with happiness. This month, she will grace your routine with pleasure, so be sure to use the first weeks of November to infuse more relaxation into your work-life balance. However, when she moves into your sector of relationships from the 21st onward, expect love to rain down from Heaven. Single Taureans could also align with a soulmate connection!

Pamela Love Palma Earrings
Your Talisman: The Palma Earrings will bring balance and excitement with you throughout the new beginnings that you may embark on this month.

Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope


Our sparkling radiant goddess, Venus, is being sure to take care of matters of the heart as she elegantly glides through your sphere of romance most of the month. Single Geminis have a magnificent opportunity to find someone who fills their life with adventure and passion. The Sun will move into your sector of partnership from the 21st on, though, helping you to see where you stand in your connections. November ends with a major moment, though—a Lunar Eclipse in your Sun Sign. Now is when you must truly step into your power.

Kyleigh Moon Phase Necklace

Your Talisman: Our Kyleigh Moon Phase necklace will ground you as you navigate the changes brought by this month's lunar eclipse.


Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope


The Sun, Moon, and Venus are all working in alignment to highlight love, romance, and fertility for you, Cancer. Venus' warm love energy will be infused into the core of your soul! With the Sun bringing illumination to these areas of your life until the 21st, you will feel the spark of passion ignite within you. A New Moon arrives on the 14th, opening a doorway for you to build more pleasure in every way. Lovely Venus will grace this sector beginning the 21st as well, assuring that sensuality will be a top priority at the end of the month. Embrace it and each other!

Pamela Love Pilar II Pendant

Your Talisman: The Pilar pendant necklace is a daily reminder of the illumination you can expect to feel this month.


Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope


While career and home will experience a push-pull effect throughout most of the month for you, Leo, it would be wise to lie low rather than making any dramatic decisions. The planets will be holding you back for the first half of November. However, consider having a majestic dinner party with those whom you love in the final week of the month. The Sun will also be lighting up your heart, assuring that new or long-term romances will see a double dose of luck.

Anemone Ring

Your Talisman: This anemone ring reminds you to retreat to the center this month, ready to unfurl and bloom as the month ends.


Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope


In recent weeks you have felt as if the world has been causing confusion for you at every turn, Virgo! Your ruler, Mercury, has been fast asleep. On November 3rd, he will yawn and awaken. Day by day, you will finally feel as if you can move forward more rapidly once again. Also, mighty Mars will regain strength after the 13th, helping you to see progress in your intimate life and relationships.

Irissa Sun Stud  

Your Talisman: The Irissa sun stud keeps you focused on your chance to awaken and nourish your dreams and desires this month.

Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope


With your ruler, Venus, dancing throughout your realm of the sky until the 21st, you will feel as if you are wearing the crown of the divine feminine! Venus takes extra special care of you, Libra, always helping you to look your best, bring charm to your interactions, and aid you in all matters of the heart. Use this time to update your wardrobe or beauty regimen as well as purchase some gorgeous new jewelry. If you do so now, you’ll find everyone envies you!

Inlay Heart Pendant

Your Taliaman: Celebrate this months feminine influence with our inlay heart pendant


Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope


With the mighty Sun blazing through your zodiac sign for the first three weeks of November, you are front-and-center! You shine especially brightly during birthday season. Use this time to make plans to step toward your most heartfelt goals and desires. The New Moon on the 14th may even open a door to something you have long hoped for. Finally, when Venus, planet of the divine feminine, enters your sign from the 21st onward, you will become more hypnotic than ever before.

Pamela Love Pink Opal Essential Ring

Your Talisman: Our essential ring inlaid with a gorgeous and rare pink opal is a reminder of the magic instore for your birthday month.


Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope


Your social life will sparkle as Venus, goddess planet of the divine feminine, attracts invites, texts, and events your way for the first three weeks of November. Embrace the fun and grow closer with your friends. New love could even shimmer from within your network if you’re looking! Mighty Mars will also awaken this month inside of your sector of passion, so get ready for a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart!

Pamela Love Ruby Hera Pendant

Your Talisman: Our Hera pomegranate pendant serves as a powerful emblem of the love awaiting you this month.


Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope


The most important Full Moon of the year when it comes to true love arrives at the onset of November, Capricorn. The energy of this luminary could spill into the beginning of the month and help you find a soulmate connection if single and looking. Committed Capricorns could feel the spark and passion reignite within their union. However, expect more fun with friends when Venus, the goddess planet of the divine feminine, enters your social sphere from the 21st onward. Events and laughter are guaranteed to come your way.

Pamela Love Inlay Moon Phase Pendant

Your Talisman: With the moon essential to the good energy coming your way, keep it close to your heart with our moon phase pendant.


Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope


Professional matters take top priority this month, Aquarius. Prepare to see more opportunities to lift higher toward your ambitions. While you’ll likely see activity in the beginning of the month, you’ll see even more once the New Moon arrives on the 14th and opens doors to you that had been previously locked. To add even more radiance to your name, Venus will make you absolutely magnetic in your career from the 21st onward. Stand in your power now.

Pamela Love Scarab Pendant

Your Talisman: The scarab is an ancient symbol of transformation and protection, our scarab necklace sits right above the heart providing a comforting reminder you’re nourished in your new journeys this month.


Pamela Love Jewelry Astrology Guide - October Horoscope


As Venus, planet of the feminine energy, moves within your sector of intimacy throughout much of November, you will be feeling the urge to merge. This is a magnificent moment to heal any relationship traumas or disagreements. Use your sacred and sensitive touch to unite closer with the one you love or to find someone whose spirit vibrates on the same frequency as you. Venus will help you to find alignment now.

Francesca Ring

Your Talisman: The Francesca Ring serves as a reminder of the warmth and tenderness that you will seek this month.

Kyle Thomas is a globally recognized pop culture astrologer, see more of his work on his website where you can book a personal reading for a more in depth forecast too.

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