Mother's Day Gift Guide

We think every day should be a day to celebrate the mother figure in your life, but we are glad there’s a holiday for it. For that person in your life who has inspired you, challenged you, made you question who you are for the better or rounded you...there’s no wrong way to celebrate.  While some of us still can’t travel to see the person who made us whole, we can celebrate them in various ways to show our love. Whether it be sending a card, going on Zoom, lighting a candle in their name or mailing flowers, or sending a personalized piece of jewelry, there’s so many special ways to express your love. This past year we’ve really learned what it means to care for our loved ones and our love is something that will never go away, no matter the circumstances. Despite everything that’s happened around the world, we are still here, loving just the same as we would any other day.


To show our gratitude, we helped put together a little list of favorite pieces, to make any Mother’s Day continuously filled with joy.


Our Lapis Moon Phase Pendant showcases the phases of the moon, reminding us that even if we can't be together this mother's day, no matter where we are, we are all still looking at the same moon. 


Everyday we are grateful for the life and soul our mother gave us, so why not give your mother the gift of your heart?


These studs provide a special something for the most elegant of mothers.


A little pair of eyes to keep watch over the one you love, helping you to see the world through theirs. 


For truly magical mothers, nothing is more perfect than the hypnotic magic of the opal. Discover our dreamy opal Cross Cluster Pendant, our Inlay Eye Pendant, and our Inlay Heart Pendant to find your favorite. 


Our Hera pendants, both our original and the mini, take their inspiration from Hera, the goddess of women, children, family, and childbirth, making it the perfect way to show your gratitude for the life your mother gave you. 


 For the mother pearl in your life... need we say more? 


Might we recommend a gift card for the person who has everything but still deserves a treat this mother's day? 

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