Leo Season is Here

It's always a magical time of the year, as summer's peak arrives and Leo season brings to us the bright light and energy of the sun that we all need. We are able to feel its sustenance and life-giving qualities with far more ease. The season offers us energy that is fearless, authoritative, and confident, but also warm, decadent and expressive. Adorn yourself in bold, bright gold jewelry to channel the energy of the luminary sol.  
Here are our top picks for the beaming sun sign.
Pamela Love Five Spike Earrings
Five Spikes radiate behind the ears mirroring the sun’s rays and the positive energy of the sunny Leo. 
Pamela Love Eden Earrings
Anemones dangle from the ears with irregular baroque pearls. Sophisticated statement earrings for the strong willed Leo.

Pamela Love Dagger Earrings YGP
Daring Dagger Earrings to be worn by the fearless Leo. Featured in yellow gold plate with a single freshwater pearl. 
Pamela Love Anemone Collar
Elegant and understated, these budding anemones reflect goddess of the sun energy. Adorn yourself with the anemone’s bold elegance and divine radiance.
Pamela Love Anemone Pearl Pendant Silver
Dignified yet playful like our favorite fire sign. A single anemone holds an irregular baroque pearl. 
Pamela Love Enamel Eye Ring
A third eye to be worn with confidence. The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. An emblem perfect for the mighty Leo.
Pamela Love Vessel Earrings
Mismatched vessel drop earrings featuring deep blue lapis mirroring the Mediterranean Sea to bring balance to the fire sign.
Pamela Love Pave Scarab Bracelet
A lucky scarab with pavé white diamonds sits on an 18k gold chain bracelet. This refined statement bracelet has just the right amount of sparkle for the Leo's taste. 

Pamela Love Pearl Cross Necklace
A one of a kind, just like you, lovely Leo. A hand selected cross pearl hangs from a delicate 18k gold chain. 

Pamela Love Dagger Stud
 A miniature dagger for the fierce Leo that puts loyalty and protecting its loved ones above all. Made in 14k recycled and recyclable gold.
Italian Horn Huggie Pamela Love 
The Leo's lucky charm. An Italian talisman worn to protect against the evil eye and bad luck. 

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