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All of our lives are full of meaningful characters and special people with whom we share our deepest bonds. As another year comes to a close, we once again get the chance to celebrate all these unique individuals and to show them what their support has meant to us throughout our last turn around the sun. These last few years have been particularly difficult and we have all been forced to face distinct and individual challenges. Only with the help of our families and friends, whether physically together or apart, have we had the chance to overcome them. Despite the fact that many of us still can’t be reunited with the ones we love this Christmas, we can still come together to celebrate one another through meaningful gifts, perfectly tailored to the people in your life that you know best.


For Your Mother

The person who brought you into this world and spent your entire life as your protector, teacher, and friend. The person who inspires you, supports you, and challenges you to be the best possible version of yourself. While our mothers should be loved and appreciated every day, this time of year presents a perfect time to show your gratitude for the woman in your life who matters most. 

The Ruby Hera Pendant 

Pamela Love Jewelry Necklace

The pomegranate, fruit of the Greek Goddess of childbirth, marriage, and family, Hera, is beautifully represented in 18k gold and deep red rubies, making it the perfect gift for the mother figure in your life this holiday season.


For Your Sister/Best Friend

For that one person who understands you like no one else. The bond and the love shared with a sister or a best friend (loved and cherished like a sister) is like no other. The holiday season is the perfect time to show that special someone how much they mean to you with a gift as special and unique as they are. 

The Heart in Hand Pendant 

Heart in Hand Pendant Necklace - Pamela Love Jewelry

Give the person who has your heart a symbol of the love you hold for them with our Heart in Hand Pendant, hand-carved with recycled 14k gold and adorned with a deep red ruby.


For All Your Friends

Give the person who has your heart a symbol of the love you hold for them with our Heart in Hand Pendant, hand-carved with recycled 14k gold and adorned with a deep red ruby.

The Twisted Tricolor Herringbone Chain

Pamela Love Jewelry - Necklaces

The Twisted Tricolor Herringbone Chain is the perfect gift to share with your friends this holiday season. Weaving together, each metal represents people on different paths coming together and lives intertwining, symbolising the strength of the friendships and bonds shared.


For the Explorer


Always itching to see the world and discover more about their surroundings, the explorer is full of perseverance, curiosity, and resilience. Constantly ready to get out and learn more about the world, give the explorer in your life a little reminder of home as they head out to tackle their next adventure. 

The Inlay Vessel Pendant 

Inlay Vessel Pendant Necklace - Pamela Love Jewelry

Delicate yet daring, the Inlay Vessel Pendant, captures that sense of adventure and curiosity ever-present within the explorer. Gift it to the explorer in your life, to wear as a symbol of their inner selves and as a reminder of their past, present and future exploits.


For the Eccentric 

For that one-of-a-kind person in your life, the search is always on to find a piece as unique as they are. Never afraid to share their opinion even when it differs from others, we appreciate the eccentric people in our lives for their differences, their bravery, and their mischievous sense of humour. Discover pieces worthy of even the most distinctive person this holiday season. 

The Inlay Scarab Huggie 

Inlay Scarab Huggie Opal - Pamela Love Jewelry

The Inlay Scarab Huggie, with iridescent opal inlay is perfect to compliment the eccentric in your life. Delicate yet completely unique, this special piece will be unlike any gift given this holiday season.


For the Nature Lover

Always looking to feel close to Mother Earth, the nature lover feels a strong connection to the land and their natural surroundings. Intelligent, intuitive, and graceful, show your appreciation for the love and the care they give to our planet by gifting them a little reminder of the beauty of nature. 

The Flor Earrings

Flor Earrings - Pamela Love Jewelry

Gift nature lovers a small token of the wonder of the natural world with the Flor Earrings. Hand-carved petals form flowers adorned with deep ruby glass beads and luminous pearls, capturing a small moment of beauty in the ever-changing natural landscape.


For the Artist

Passionate, creative, and persistent, we all have a special someone with true artistic ambitions in our midst. Always searching for inspiration wherever it can be found and willing to take risks for what they believe in, the artist in your life is the ideal person to take a chance on and gift something a little more unusual and daring. 

The Cybill Earrings 

Cybill Earrings Gold - Pamela Love Jewelry

Delicate eyes detailed with abstract markings and hand-carved like gold sculptures are created to be worn like small works of art on the ear. The Cybill earrings are an unusual yet perfect gift for the artist of your world.


For the Social Butterfly

The charmer in your life, always there to lend a hand to anyone when they need it most. Charismatic, talkative, caring, and dynamic, this person has the capacity to dazzle anyone in any room. Give the social butterfly in your life that little bit of extra brilliance at their holiday parties this season, with the perfect jewelry to match their sparkling personality. 

The Clara Earrings

Clara Earrings Gold - Pamela Love Jewelry

The Clara earrings, adorned with charms inspired by ex-voto from across the world, are the perfect conversation starters for social butterflies. Give them the ultimate gift of storytelling through these delicate, intricate earrings this holiday season. 


For the Dreamer

The idealist in your life deserves something as exceptional as they are this holiday season. Little is as wonderful as seeing a person live out their greatest aspirations, with deep inner peace and belief in their vision. Pick something to reflect the inner tranquility and compliment the gentle nature of the dreamer in your life. 

The Alexis Locket

Alexis Locket Gold Moonstone - Pamela Love Jewelry

Compliment the true nature of the idealist with the dreamy depths of the luminous rainbow moonstone on our Alexis Locket. This pendant is equally as special inside and out, leaving space within the locket to store a memento most important to the dreamer in your life.


For Yourself 

While thinking of the perfect gifts to celebrate the most important people in your life, it can be easy to forget to take time to celebrate yourself.

The Dagger Pendant 

Fine Dagger Pendant - Pamela Love Jewelry

This holiday season, take time to reflect on your own growth and treat yourself to our most special dagger pendant, crafted with 18k gold, diamonds, and a deep ruby droplet, to symbolise your inner strength, resilience, and individuality.


For the Hard to Buy For 

For the one who already has everything, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift, but every jewelry box needs a refresh now and again. This holiday season, give the gift of a Pamela Love Gift Card to that special someone in your life, who is a little trickier to buy for, and let them pick out their own special piece, whenever they’re ready for some new jewelry. 

The Pamela Love Gift Card

Pamela Love Gift Card


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