Love Stories - Meghann Stephenson

Name: Meghann Stephenson

I'm an Illustrator and Co-Founder/Designer at Vacation residing in Brooklyn, New York.

Who are you style icons? 

Jane Birkin, Francoise Hardy, Lauren Hutton - they always feel timeless and iconic. 

You started a brand, what is the concept behind "Vacation"? 

Vacation is a mens and womenswear brand made in New York.  My partner, Krys, and I just wanted to create a brand that offered modern classics with the highest quality, fit and detailing, but with a vibe that was entirely fun and unpretentious. We sourced leather and fabric from the US and small family run mills in Japan. I also made prints out of my illustrations, that we had digitally printed on fabric.

Ideal vacation? ;)

I'm dying to go to Greece or Majorca.

What are you currently inspired by?

Vintage book covers, I've been working on a series of paintings whenever I have spare time. 

Last museum visit in New York?

Dia: Beacon

What is your every day piece of jewelry?

I always wear my Pamela Love Fine moonphase necklace, Victorian rose cut diamond gypsy ring, diamond pave band and Catbird tomboy ring and diamond baguette ring stacked together. 

What are you currently reading? listening?

This second? Age of Consent by New Order

A weekend in New York I like to sleep late, watch movies all day with my cat and boyfriend, go to dinner then meet up with friends at a show. 

My favorite part about being an illustrator is being constantly surprised by the work that finds me and getting to work in my PJs.

Photography by Josie Miner
Interview and Styling by Cassi Gibson

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