Love Stories -
Cassi & Nicolette Gibson

Global sisters with an introspective outlook on life and culture.
Currently based in New York.

Names: Cassi Amanda Gibson (left), and Nicolette L. Gibson (right)

Cassi: Artist and creative consultant
Nicolette: Yoga instructor and wellness consultant

Cassi: Life mantra?
Nicolette: Strong people love life.

Nicolette: Spirit totem?
Cassi: Butterfly

Cassi: Do you remember the first piece of jewelry you were really obsessed with?
Isabel Marant's gold-tone galvanized brass, blue-pearl & sodalite pendant necklace. I was 19 at the time, and living in a tiny surf town in the Dominican Republic, the hues of blue worked in harmony with the colours found in the sky and ocean, I was so in love with it, and still remember perfectly today. I was trying my hand at surfing at the time and if my memory serves me the necklace with the blue glass pearl made of sodalite shattered underneath my rash guard. Bad decisions wearing it out to sea. I was distraught.

Nicolette: What is your everyday piece of jewelry?
Cassi: A snake bangle that I found in a travel to Ethiopia last year.

Cassi: What is your favorite poetic prose?
"In joy or sadness flowers are our constant friends" Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzō a Japanese scholar

Nicolette: What poems do you read often?
Cassi: Noliwe by Leopold Senghor or North Farm by John Ashberry

Cassi: What are you currently reading?
Nicolette: Enjoying my time between two literatures. The Harz Journey and Selected Prose by Henreich Heine a poet whose verse inspired music by Schubert and The Nature of Things by Titus Lucretius Carus a Roman poet.

Nicolette: What are your inspirational colours right now? 
Lilac, burgundy, and pale yellow.

Cassi: You have lived in many different cities, what was your most memorable time?
Nicolette: I think about the city of Casablanca quite a bit. I spent about 6 months of 2014 with the city of Casablanca. It is still ingrained into my memory, like NYC it is a tough city to understand. Eventually one understands in order to get along, there needs to be bit of surrender to the city and the chaos and that's when things start to flow and you become a part of the kinetic energy that is so often found in any bustling city. I remember the smell, the rituals, the friendships, the sunsets, the taxi rides, the ocean walks, the hustle and bustle and the quiet of Casablanca.

Nicolette: Ocean or mountain?
Cassi: This summer I will spend some time in Sardegna. This is the perfect place for my ideal meeting of the two. 

Cassi: Do you embrace change?
Nicolette: Yes. I embrace change. It is important to go with what's natural in nature, nature embraces change, going against nature would be unnatural.

Nicolette: What does Pluto in existence mean?
Cassi: Love and lucidity.

Photography by Andres Altamirano
Styling by Cassi Gibson

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