Love Stories - Julia

Name: Julia

  • I live in Los Angeles, CA
  • Favorite t-shirt: The kind that you have worn so much that the cotton resembles thin gauze and there are holes in both of the armpits.
  • Jeans: Vintage Levi's by Redone
  • Perfume: Alternating between Diptyque Philosykos and Victor&Rolf Flowerbomb
  • Nail Polish: Neutrals and pastels
  • Favorite drink: Tea / Mexican hot chocolate
  • Necessary Extravagance: Fresh flowers in every room of the house
    • I have a few antique wooden boxes that I use for most of my delicate and smaller jewelry. I have a large brass collar, some arrowhead pieces, and other statement pieces that I like to use as decoration around my house when I am not wearing them. I'll place them on shelves or chests next to vases, bottles, candles, whatever. 

      I also have a bad habit of leaving jewelry in random places as I take it off so it tends to get scattered everywhere - in my medicine cabinet, next to my bed, in the kitchen. I like finding pieces randomly around my apartment though because I will see them and feel inspired or think to myself, "I haven't worn that in a while" and just put it on as I find it. It drives my boyfriend crazy, though.

      I have plants in almost every room and I couldn't imagine waking up in my apartment without them. I love devil's ivy (Neon Pothos) to hang indoors because it grows so quickly and is easy to take care of. I also love having lots of aloe plants because they are nice to look at, low maintenance and functional if you ever get a burn. I once tried to grow a bat orchid as a challenge because they are pretty temperamental and hard to care for - every time it grew a new leaf I got so excited. I named it Ursula. It never flowered but it lasted for about a year and then died when I was on vacation… I think it missed me. 


      My obsidian arrowhead ring was the first piece I ever bought and I still wear it every day. I got it when I first moved to New York almost five years ago when I was interning for Pam. I had worked with her pieces with stylists before my internship, but didn't own any until I started working for her. I picked the stone I liked and then a setting was made for it, so it was kind of a custom ring. The arrowhead is really large - probably about two and a half inches long. A bunch of people have asked me if it is a weapon or if I have ever used it as one. The answer is obviously no, but I feel proud to know that people feel genuinely threatened by my jewelry. 

      I have two cats - Hannalee and Cartman. Hannalee is four pounds, soft like a bunny, and only has three legs. I rescued her from a shelter in Baltimore. Cartman is an orange tabby from the Humane Society. Both of them have such different personalities. I wish I could have an unlimited amount of cats but I think people start to pass judgement when you have more than two.

      Photography by Scott León
      Interview by Double or Nothing (

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